Ladies .... When is a dick considered big

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  1. Valid point I guess, but how many girls do you think have measured a few dicks in their lifetime?

    "Well 5.4 was okay..."

    "6.5 was about right..."

    "and 8.0 was way too much..."
  2. For all you guys that don't size up I got a great line for you to use on the ladies. "It may be small but it moves like a sewing machine" :D
  3. I do, because I have heard it from numerous women. They have been with guys with huge dicks and guys with small dicks. They have preferred some of the smaller ones because they really knew what they were doing. Many women find large dicks uncomfortable or painful. Like I said, it depends on the woman to know what that threshold is, for some they might love huge ones, others it might be painful.
  4. Probably around 7" and above. I always tell my boyfriend he has a big dick to boast his confidence. lol

  5. I would consider 7+ to be big.
    But as was mentioned, girth, girth, girth!
    I don't care if you have an 8inch pencil dick
    I'll take a 6 inch thick dick over an 8 inch skinny one.
  6. I don't know why I feel the need to announce that I am now horny. I already fucked like 3 hours ago. Don't really want to spend the energy right now. Gonna smoke instead lol.
  7. I'm the only guy with a small dick and loves it.
  8. 7+ Would be considered big in my opinion.
  9. I can take 10+ easily.
  10. When is a vagina too big? What width?
  11. the avg depth of women is ~7-8 inches. Unless your girl has a gaping cavity to fill, 7.5 and up are plenty. If they want bigger, they can go fuck themselves.
  12. Watch porno, the long dicked guys hardly ever get it all in. And the big vagina question, when it feels like you're fucking a mayonnaise jar, been there....
  13. I wonder if I can even fit mine in?

  14. When vajee hangs loose like sleeve of wizard.
  15. When it hits their airways causing a rupture, which causes them to puke out blood
  16. If you don't feel her vagina walls trying to suck your dick back in when you're on the backstroke, her pussy is too big.
  17. Well there's such thing as being too big. But it's about attitude more than anything. Guys with bigger dicks tend to have more confidence. Which is the main reason women prefer men with larger dicks, not just the pleasure aspect.

    I feel like women prefer guys who are like 7-7.5 inches, not thick as a log but not skinny as a twig either...but that's just my observations through porn and stuff. A lot of porn is unrealistic but the guys who aren't too thick but still big in porn seem to be the ones that give the girls the best time.
  18. The thing of it is, most of the nerve endings in the vagina are within the first 1/4 inch.... which is why, even if it's considered "small" in terms of length, the width can get the job done!!!
    Seriously, I've seen guys brag about their dick because it's so "big"....8 inches long and as big around as my middle finger is NOT big. It's a waste.

  19. I hear you Sassy, seems that guys are more impressed by a big un than the girls are....which I totally

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