Ladies, whats your type of guy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dankify, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Ladies, describe your ideal type of guy. Do you prefer older, taller guys or the opposite? athletic, fit, skinny or doesnt matter? Do you drool over the peacocks or prefer the quieter and more composed men?

  2. We prefer you.
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  3. Dude im chopped as shit, but thats too much love in one post. I cant handle it.
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  4. girls like money

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  5. i've seen girls willingly pick the lesser man before though. it makes no sense
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  6. ive seen a woman just drop a really nice guy that wanted to make her happy, completely cold, stopped talking to him, doesnt answer his texts and refuses to give a proper explanation. guy was torn because he loved her but he moved on. how is that for dumbfounding?
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  7. not all women are bitches. but most bitches are women.

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  8. story. of. my. life. right now man. i swear. like everything spot on
    Hang in there
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  10. I've always gone for a tall nerdy type of guy. Usually thinner. Video games are a must.
  11. Troll

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  12. Seriously troll?? Umm.. no.
  13. hahahahahahaha

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  14. i feel you blade, more than you know.  its tough but keep on toking man, itll pass
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  15. I hear ya, idk what id do without my medicine. It's really helping me hang in there.
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  16. more than you know man, cant do anything when youre blindsided by the cold hearted females. but youll find one thatll make it all worth it man, have faith in yourself and in destiny, it will throw you a bone eventually
  17. also, how come you havent gotten a straight answer for this thread? hahaha
  18. thanks for the positive words man. it means a lot even coming from a stranger. yeah women are cold. they seem to be able to just flip a switch and go from loving you to death to wanting you to die in 0.3 seconds. idk, around my age all the women are either taken, pregnant, or just not interested/super ugly or stupid. they're all fakes.
    and bwahahaha i wonder the same thing! im surprised i havent even gotten a single serious answer lol.
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  19. I want to have your babies
  20. again, i totally feel your pain. ive thought that everyone is fake for some time now. and the people that are genuine are the easiest to hurt. thats just the way it is man, gotta sift through all the dirt to find gold in the stream. i would think the ladies like a tall, dark haired individual with a toned build and a charisma that makes the ladies say wow. at least i believe so

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