Ladies: What do you look for in a guy?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by J-DILLA, Apr 23, 2010.

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    What do you guys look for in a guy that draws him to you? Humor, wit, intelligence? Can any of you truly say you like jerks?
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    Obvious intelligence in a must. Treating me with respect of course.
    Basically, a sweet nerdy guy who will respect me and not treat me like an object.

    Oh an being arrogant is a turn off.
  3. The ability to make me laugh is key, as well as being able to carry an intelligent conversation and making me feel completely comfortable being myself.

    I hate drama so if a guy has a lot of it, I'm not even giving him a chance.
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    i got one, what about if a guy talks to himself. you can perceive it as an inner child or me half crazy, whatever floats your boat, am i only going to be finding pirate ships out there?

    "My OCD is so bad that I have to fight the urge not to correct all the grammar and spelling mistakes I constantly notice in threads."

    must be pretty mild to acute OCD?
  5. A man who is confident enough to share who he really is that includes everything laughter, tears, anger, tenderness...etc and stays true to himself even when his friends are around
  6. A guy who isn't fake or too egotistical to admit when he's wrong.
    -having confidence is nice, but not overly cocky.
    -can make me laugh all the time
    -politeness, manners, someone who can speak properly.
    -Some one I can just feel 110% comfortable with no matter what.
    I pretty much found him though. :D
  7. Intelligent, good sense of humor, deep (emotionally), attractive, long haired, tall, outgoing and fun, and usually a little messed up. :D
    And as for jerks.. a guy who's playfully mean is great, but real jerks suck.
  8. Really? When I was in high school it was the cocky fuckers who would get all the girls. Atleast you have common sense :wave:
  9. What beats a nerd? Aside from other nerds
  10. Are we allowed to play video games, if so, how many hours per day/week?
  11. With my bf I only care if he's been playing like 14 hours a day for over a week..
    which does happen sometimes.. lol
    But most of the time, I just play with him, so I don't really care.

    Edit: We're both currently unemployed stoners.

  12. Social situations.
  13. I think a lot of these girls are lying to themselves and us. That or the girls on this forum are unlike 90% of the girls you see in real life
  14. its <3
  15. We're already unconventional for smoking weed..
    Maybe you just need to meet better women.
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    The gals of Grasscity don't represent 90% of females in real life; they represent themselves.

    The ones you seem to be referring to are little girls, not women.
  17. I like 'em stoney, weird, & funny.
  18. LOL

    This is so funny... Your asking this question!?! Your rocking J-dilla may he R.I.P. and Jeff Bridges "The Dude"

    Just be yourself and with an edge!

    P.S. rid yourself of the dilla and bridges if you can't rep it.

    Hope it works out for you bud!

  19. Hey and bud, I think this guy is on to something. ;)
  20. FUNNY, but not in a rude way. Gentle, but not girly. Respect above love. Loves me for more than just what I can give him. Wisdom to seek help. Confident but not egotistical. Charming but not deceiving. Smart, clever, and I love nerds:] OPEN, a lot of guys have problems with being open. Open-mindness. And a guy who "sees me." or tries to know me better than I know myself. Respects me because he knows I'm intelligent, caring, and loyal. I like them to be weird too! I love interesting guys! Some who aren't like the rest........Glasses are kind of sexy too haha

    I like for a guy to have all these things, but he doesn't have to be perfect about it. Sometimes life happens. I would hope that I too, would reciprocate all of the same feelings back.

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