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    Being a guy I'm not really sure if I'm ugly or not because we don't compliment each other like girls do. I don't get too many likes on my pictures on facebook and I haven't had a girlfriend since last February. But I honestly don't think I'm THAT ugly. Anyways, ladies be completely straight up. I won't be upset. Thanks
  2. I'm not a lady, but you look fine dude. They're more interested in what you're like than how you look, at least the good ones are.
    oh he said you fineeeeeee
  4. Ewwww cowboyssss you get a -10 because of the cowboys ewwwww

    But in all seriousness you look fine to me , fuck Facebook likes and girlfriends , that shits superficial. Your outside appearance is important to some extent, but what should be measured and holds more meaning is the type of person you are , morals , intelligence , goals. All that good shit . You can be a 10 with a ramen noodle brain. And that's not cute.
  5. ugly as fuck
    nah just fuckin with you you look fine homie
  6. Thanks. I have a very talkative and friendly personality and people generally get along with me, but Im also extremely blunt and straight up. And I'm smart and pretty much the only thing people wouldn't like about me is that I smoke weed so I don't know what's holding me back! Lol
  7. And please no gay dudes commenting. Like. No.
  8. I'm a dude...I want that homo
  9. You cut your own hair?
  10. Dude........seriously, you shouldn't have posted a pic of your face on here. I guarantee you that right now, some crafty blade is making a "wait til you see it" pic with a Photoshopped dildo in the background. And then they'll use Google image search and link it directly to your Facebook page...
    BTW....can anyone tell me how to re size a pic of a dildo I just downloaded...For a different reason OP.....I making a card for my wife.
  11. You should smile. Not ugly though.
  12. Between the pic and the user name, why is it that I believe you are not 18? :rolleyes:
  13. watch all of Daniel Tosh's standup and talk to women more. i learned all i know about women from him.
  14. Lol the "97" is pretty suspect
  15. Maybe his favorite episode of Walker Texas Ranger aired in 97..Nah, that's a stretch huh?
  16. No? I got a haircut lol
  17. Like a pregnant bitches belly

    Hopefully that joke was clear enough. Lol .-.
  18. Damn I just wanted a response from some GIRLS. And yes I am actually 19. My baseball number was 97....
  19. if i were a girl i would allow you to bang me.

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