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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by highawatha, Sep 10, 2003.

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  1. i hate this...ya buy a pair of skimpy sexy panties and loe and behold the biggest thing on them if a fucking scratchy ass tag. now, youve got a coupla choices pull the tag (you will rip your new panties) cut the tag as close to the seam as you can ( you can still see the tag spot) or leave it (in this case you have a huge tag thats easily seen thru your new panties hanging down your butt crack) either way your screwed.
    why in the world would they put a 3 inch white tag on a pair of black see thru panties? they know this will pose a problem, and make the wearer look really stupid. i think this is a manufactures joke. i think they do it on purpose, (if it wasnt on purpose it would be a hellof alot easier to remove the tag completly without cutting a hole in a new pair of underware)

    *sratches at the spot where i tried cutting out the tag
    todays peave :D
  2. i totally know. even on thongs they do that!! why???these cute little nice panties and this big ass tag scratchin you. i have a fetish for panties lol. i love em, have tons of em. anyways yeah it\'s a real bugger. i try to cut as close as i can. sometimes u get lucky and u can rip it off. can\'t they make the tag softer or somethin? always that hard paper like tag.
  3. (no i do not relate)

    just that I was wondering why the ladies would leave that mark, i\'m glad that some have enough taste to remove it somhow.

    there may be a solution (I\'m supprise king_of_bong didn\'t mention it):
    don\'t ware any panties..

    (no harm trying..)

  4. shave it all off! definately. gives it more of a........softer, feminine look and feel to it.
  5. I can so relate. Just this weekend, I had a problem with a tag in my panties. I was super stoned too so it was a problem that was wigging me out. I wouldn\'t shut up about it so my friend made me let him cut it off with his knife. I was a happy girl again. Tags suck.
  6. k, now im smilin at the image of jilly lettin a boy down the back of her pants witha knife :D....been there also. not the best way but it works

    i have been out an about pantyless,not that i started out that way but as usual... the tag quickly began driving me insane, i mean insane. first, i tried to rip it out descrectly...then i hada bighhole in my underware that began to bunch downward....whole new problem. it was just easier and much more comphy to take them off. yea boys we do that too.
    i did have some splainin to do when i arrived home with no underware on.

  7. ya should try those boxer brief things they look really cool on guys...cant imagine your dick crawlin outa those :D

    ooooh or maybe i can

  8. i think someones \"pullin\" ma leg

    or.... could he be/ using someones pulling technique,excersize program :D

  9. they\'re actually really uncomfortable in my opinion anyway.... i dunno something about them holding my junk to tight that i just don\'t fancy...:D

    ya gotta hang free in boxers or nothing at all...:)

    mesh shorts are reealll nice too......
  10. Underwear manufacturers should do what Fruit of the Loom did with their T-shirts...the tagless tag. They just print all the info right on the fabric.

    On second thought, that still wouldn\'t work with see-through panties :p
  11. fucking vanity. :rolleyes:
  12. i can relate to the bongish,
    its like mr wanky has a nose of his own boxer briefs or not he finds his way out he smells the freshness past the zipper or something

    but yeah dont get him too close to the zipper

    ouch kinda

    man this thong makes me look fat


    friggin weirdo
  13. l,am just happy with the mental pic l got of higha in see thru panties :D:D.
  14. i love wearin mens underwear, soooo comfortable,but now i found a pair of boy bikini briefs for girls and they are friggin awesome. and really sexy i thought. i also love boxers. wear em lots too;)

  15. woman! get yo ass to teh what are you wearing thread with those briefs this instant! on the double! go!

    let us see.
  16. i would have to say boycut are my fav on the female body

    i mean some lacey sexy bikini briefs mmmmmmmmmm

    turn around and lemme slap that ass mami

    who gotta blunt

  17. obviously digits never had a huge scratchy tag in his fuckin underware.....

    its not just in the skimpy ones dude, there in all of girls underware. :p

    daisy, those boy briefs are the ones i just got that got me bitchin yea they are comphy, now that the tags gone
  18. yeah the tags are annoying especially the longer ones...when i strip.... ugghhh... i mean go out sometimes it\'ll scratch the hell out of ya.... but thats when you have someone bite it off.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........

    makes for interesting conversation anyway....
  19. So many men in a ladies underware thread...

    Guys are you trying to get in those undies???

  20. Thats the reason that you are on Bongish and Zonedudes list of things to do!!!!!

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