Ladies...ever been to a Tasteful Treasures party?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TheHempress, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I went to my first one last week and it was a lot weirder than I expected. I was with a lot of older women that are close "mom" figures for me, so I felt a little awkward.

    Some of the stuff they have for sale is cool as shit, though. I bought a grab bag and ended up with a bottle of the Pure Instinct pheremone stuff, but I doubt it works. Smells kind of cool, though.

    Have any of you been to one, or do you host them yourself? :ey:
  2. no. what is that? i want to go to one! is it where they sell like sex toys and other random things?
  3. I was at my aunts house with my girlfriend my other aunt, and my mother. My mom and aunts had a catalouge for one of those party things. They showed it to my girlfriend and I. Wow.... my face was red. It had all kinds of dildos and lubes and buttplugs and strap-ons and shit.

    I couldn't imagine being at ones of theparties with that crowd.
  4. Yeah, it's like a sales seminar/party for women to buy sex toys. It's not as sketchy as going to a porn shop. You get to taste all the body paints and creams and then everyone passes the toys around to see what they're like. They have door prizes, too ( I didn't win :().
  5. Hell yeah. I just shave and take off my glasses and I'm good to go.

    They eat me up at those parties.
  6. that sounds like a lot of fun actually. holy shit. i want to go to one now!
  7. my buddy i play WoW with text me the other day (he lives in texas) and his mom is actually looking for new sales ladies lol. it apparently works like mary K where you sell it yourself to parties and personal clientelle then just route the money thru and get paid. idk it completely took me off guard when he text me. it was hilarious.

    lol if anyone's interested i can get you in touch with his mother lol
  8. no, we have an adult book store about 30 minutes away we go to lol
    has all kinds of shit in there :hello:

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