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Ladies - Birth Control methods?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by weedandbombs, May 13, 2010.

  1. That sounds to me like you had an ovarian cyst that burst.
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    That was their second guess too, but they did an ultrasound and found none and I had no bleeding. :confused_2: It could have been without the bleeding but man, that was some of the worst pain in my life. And that says something, I have a huge pain tolerance.

    No birth control is 100% effective other than just not having sex. Pregnancies on birth control do happen, it was how I was conceived. A 99% effectiveness means that 1 in 100 women DO get pregnant. That's not that small of a number.

    If you DO get pregnant when you have an IUD it increases the chances of it being ectopic because of how the IUD works.
  3. Yeah I've heard a lot about the IUD - I've never had kids, so that might be something to think about later on down the road if ever I should have any and want to be on birth control after..

    I'm hoping the NuvaRing works ok... its been in for a day - no weird adverse reactions but I imagine if there will be any I'll notice them in a few weeks or so...

    its just nice to not have to remember to take a pill or anything. My only issue is getting it back out when I have to take it out. I have acrylic nails and that's not gonna be fun LOL

  4. thats WHAT im saying LOL is that if you DO get pregnant it raises your chance, i was just clearing up what you said not correcting you when some people hear that and think "oh no, now if i get an iud my chances of having an ectopic pregnancy are higher" but you missed a little, i said "IF you get pregnant the chances of an ectopic pregnacy are higher", i'm just nit picking because im bitchy as hell right now. lol, i have ALSO said in this thread that nothing is 100% effective other than abstinence! so i agree with you here.
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    Both of my sisters have IUDs. One got hers right after she had my nephew, her uterus was still pretty stretched.

    And the other sister got hers 1 year after giving birth to my nephew and both said it didn't hurt that badly at all.

    My friend got her IUD and doesn't have children and she said she had some really really bad cramping. Hers also fell out a bit.
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    Okay, but the only reason isn't chance of infertility. It's because it's easier for a woman who has already had her uterus stretched from pregnancy.

    And I have had several friends who have had the IUD, went off of it and had trouble conceiving. It doesn't mean it'll happen to everyone, but it CAN happen.

    Also, don't sit here and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. You are not exactly an expert just because you took a class.

    I've asked several doctors over my 8 years of pap smears and have asked about every birth control, every question i could think of. I'm getting my info straight from the horse's mouth.

    Pregnancy, Sex and Birth Control are things i know alot about. Reproduction fascinates me, as well as the steps you take to prevent pregnancy.

    You just sat here trying to argue with whiskey about the whole ectopic pregnancy thing, but all you did was back up her statements.

    Bottom line, IUDs increase your chance of having an ectopic pregnancy.

    And just because you're in a bitchy mood doesn't give you free reign to take it out on us, nitpick at our posts even when they're correct and just be overall rude.
  7. alright im not a girl so this may be weird , but from my expereice my girlfriend used the patch for 2 months, and we dubbed it the crazy patch, because it had so many hormones that she would literally go crazy, then she used the nuva ring, and it was much better, she never complained about it being irritating, and she said she liked how it felt during sex, she was only on it for 3 months before she ran out of insurance coverage or something, but every period was mapped out to the T and if she had a GC account she would prolly recommend it
  8. i didnt say it didnt increase the risk i just said that getting an iud doesnt mean that you will suddenly get an ectopic pregnancy because thats how some people could have taken it, i have an iud, so i do know what i'm talking about(i don't know EVERYTHING, but i do know what i'm talking about when i comes to copper iuds) and i didnt say you didnt,
    but i know that women with children are better for iuds because of infertility issues, related to the stretching that you brought up so it doesnt puncture the uterus or damage it, because the pregnancy prepares it, not because of pain. the pain is mainly*(not only) caused because of the dialation of the cervix really. and when i said i was bitchy it was more of an apology not saying "hey i'm bitchy let me be all bitchy to you lol" i didnt mean it in that way at all,

  9. Oh, of course just because you have some IUD implanted in your uterus doesn't mean "BAM" ectopic pregnancy, but the chances of you having an ectopic pregnancy is higher than if you weren't using a IUD.

    Sorry, for being a bitch. I just got a little testy.

    And, personally, WNC, i am not down with any kind of birth control. Fucks with my body too much.
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    ok let me clear up some misconceptions, here. ha ha get it. ha ha

    lets talk numbers. all speculative.

    lets say you have sex 10000 times. and say the chances of you getting pregnant is 10%, if you use no BC methods. that means you would get pregnant 1000 times of those 10000 hot steamy nights and a few sessions of morning coffee. but an IUD decreases that chance by 99.9% that means if you had an IUD and had sex 10000 times, you would only get pregnant 10 times.

    the chances of you getting an ecto pregnancy WITHOUT an IUD is about 1% meaning of the 1000 pregnancies you would have, only 10 would be ectopic.

    so you take those 10 ecto pregs, and you reduce it by the stats of the IUD pregnancies (.1%) so .1% of 10 is .01%

    but yes the actual occurrance as they say would be much higher than that .01%.

    thats what they mean by it increasing the chances of the ectopic pregnancy.

    your chance of getting pregnant in the first place are drastically reduced, but ectopic ones are pretty much the only ones youll have if you happen to get pregnant. and they say that if you do get pregnant chances are that you will have the ectopic and youll have to have an abortion cuz it wouldnt grow properly.

    this is what Wikipedia says:
    As many as half of pregnancies that occur in Mirena users may be ectopic. The incidence rate of ectopics is approximately 1 per 1000 users per year.[35]

    but lets do another exhibit to make the numbers match up a little just cuz i feel like doing it.

    lets say there is 100 chicks that are pregnant and they didnt use BC, then there are 100 chicks with an IUD that are pregnant despite the thing.

    if what wikipedia says is correct, that means that about 50 of those 100 chicks would be ectopic, but the chicks who didnt use anything there would be only 1

    but you have to consider the fact that they did use something so the chances of them getting pregnant in the first place are low anyways. so to find the 100 IUD chicks who are pregnant, they would have had to go thru more women with IUDs to find the right demographic.

    i hope that doesnt go too far over any ones heads.

    if it did go over, and i used too many numbers, (dont feel bad cuz i re read it and im only slightly buzzed, and im like what?) here is the main point

    chances of ecto pregnancy W/O IUD : 10 out of 10,000 times you have sex. (figuratively)
    chances of ecto pregnancy With IUD : .5 out of 10,000 times you have sex.

    so an actual ecto pregnacy is reduced in whole because of the IUD itself.

    but you were right GirlyS but im also right.
  11. It can't actually be 50% of pregnancies. There is about a 50% chance of miscarriage if the IUD is left in, 25% if it is removed.
  12. right what that means is that if there are 100 pregnancies with an IUD then 50 would be ectopic and thus a miscarriage. but then of the remaining 50 that fertilize properly, about 25 of those would end up being a miscarriage if they dont remove the IUD. but if they did remove it early on, then 12.5 of those pregnancies would miscarriage.

    but the important thing to remember is that all of these stats are greatly reduced simply because of the IUD being present


    Your stats aren't right. All birth control methods have the same failure rate, however if i'm taking the pill and i get pregnant I don't have to worry as much about dying.

    In no way am I saying, you will get pregnant and it will be ectopic.
  14. i understand what you mean,

    i didnt know you were comparing it to the pill. but since now i know, yes you are correct. i thought you were comparing it to no forms of BC at all.

  15. ooh interesting. I have yet to have sex with this thing in... but if she said it feels good - I wonder how it'll really feel for me haha

    and the lower hormones is why I got it. We shall see how it affects me

    I would hope most women are aware of this... I would never take Yaz again ever...
  16. yeah here in az we have been getting a lot of commercials for lawyers talkinga bout the bad shit and if you been effected by this you could be entitled to money. it says people have died form it.

    im just trying to prevent life, not take it away completely

  17. seen the same commercials,it was like "If you have takin yaz and have shown these symptoms, your entitled to legal compensation, call 1 800 the law 2" I told my sister to call it cuz she been complaining about half the problems they listed,but she doesn't want to,i feel scared for her :(
  18. yeah well like any other kind of medication, if there is a side effect of death, then im not taking it, no matter how recommended it is, my condition isnt that critical to need to risk my life further.

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