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Ladies - Birth Control methods?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by weedandbombs, May 13, 2010.

  1. Yeah the only thing I wondered was how to put it in... i guess you just push it up as far as you can get it - I'm about to find out how that works now LOL
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    i've had it for almost a year now with not a single issue and plan on only using this method of birth control for the rest of my life. that sucks it didnt work out for you, it was the best choice in birth control i've ever made. i've tried the mini pill, tri-cyclin lo, the patch and i had nuva ring.
    none worked for me, the pill i'd forget or have really really nast side effects, same with all the rest. i guess i just can't deal with the hormones.. i actually got pregnant on nuva ring and had a miscarriage when i was 9 weeks.
  3. i hope the nuva ring works out for you! it really sucks when you cant find something that does, i tried literally everything before my iud.
    i REALLY REALLY REALLY swear by the iud, and i know you have heard some scary horror cases, but i am sitting here with an iud in my uterus hahaha. and it has been there for 11 and 1/2 months now with not a single problem, so if the nuva ring doesnt work out i think you should try the iud! i seriously think its amazing. it not for everyone. but if you think its right for you(your spontanious, dont want to worry about taking the pill everyday, its VERY effective), yes you can get pregnant but JUST like you would on the pill or any other form of birthcontrol - thats not to you, thats to whoever mentioned you can get pregnant while having an iud, every woman should know by now the only way to NOT get pregnant 100% is to not have sex anywho. im stonned and still babling, so imma just shut up.:wave::smoke:
  4. sheababy - if the NuvaRing doesn't work, I'm going for the IUD... and if that doesn't work, I'm cursing birth control competely and giving up til they find something that works well.

    The only thing is they say its not recommended for when you have multiple partners - I don't get why that is.... I asked and they said something about STD's... but I don't know of any other form of birth control other than a condom that prevents the transmission of std's....

    so it makes me wonder... perhaps that is a good alternative if this doesn't pan out. But so far, so good - at least I don't feel it in me hah
  5. My girlfriend uses the ring, and it doesn't seem to cause any problems. Putting it in is pretty damn easy and if it feels unfomfortable during sex (It gives me the willies when I feel it) you can take it out for an hour or two and still be safe.

    But I'm a dude, and as such, anything said by me in a thread about BC should be taken with a grain of salt. Untill recently I always just assumed it was some kind of sorcery.
  6. They did say I could take it out for up to 3 hours and still be ok....

    I'm lucky if I get to have sex for that long LOL
  7. i take yaz. it's alright i guess.

    i used to take seasonique, but i started getting this weird rash all over my body, and my doctor was like "STOP TAKING IT IMMEDIATLY AND GET TO A HOSPITAL IF IT DOESN'T GO AWAY." i still don't really understand what that was all about.
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    My 2 cents on birth control. Please bear in mind, I'm a guy. (who failed to control birth once.)


    My gf was on pills, and she got sick every other week. So she stopped taking pills and I started using condoms.

    Condom is the best way to control birth. Unless there's a hole in it, it pretty much works every time.

    But for some reason, laziness I guess, I stopped using condoms, and we got a baby.

    During the pregnancy, there is no need for birth control. You can just shoot it inside and not have to worry about her getting pregnant because she already is.

    9 months later, the baby is born. Now we have to start worrying about birth control.

    After the baby, we talked with the doctor and the doc gave us various options,

    1. Stay with pills.
    2. Tie the tube.
    3. Implant.
    4. Injection.

    Now, in choosing which method of birth control we wanted to use, our main concern was,

    "What if we want to have another baby?"

    So the doctor said,

    "If you want to have a baby, stay with the pills. For pills, you just stop taking them for may be two months, and you are back to normal. But if you tie the tube, you have to have another operation to untie it, and even after that, you have to give it a lot of time before it starts working again.

    For Implant and injection, depending on how long you've been using implant or injection, it might take up to year to be able to have another baby."

    So we stayed with pills...
  9. The ring is similar to the pills... it stays in for 3 weeks and then gets thrown away... wait a week, put another in..

    similar hormone levels to some of the lower hormone pills... same idea, but you don't have to remember to take pills
  10. Personally, I'd never want a pill like Yaz or Seasonique.

    I'm a very, very paranoid person. I could have sex once a month with birth control, a condom, and a chastity belt and I'd still be going "bleed, vagina! show me I'm not pregnant!" ;)

    I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo for like 3 years or so.
    It worked fine for years, and then out of the blue I started having *2* periods a month. My normal period would be abnormally heavy, and then a few days after it stopped I'd have another 3-5 days of bleeding.

    Of course that just had to be around the same time that I stopped having any health insurance, and the local PP started needing birth certificates (which I didn't have a copy of).
    I stopped taking the BC and my periods went all back to normal, though...

    I recently got health insurance again, but I'm really unsure what route to take with birth control... My sister got pregnant while taking the pill correctly, so that makes me very weary.

    Right now I'm thinking the best method would be getting my husband to go get a vasectomy. :p
  11. Twice a month? That's weird. I was taking birth control due to becoming sexually active and not trusting condoms my period is very very irregular. I didn't get my period last month. It skips sometimes and shit. I've been like this for years though. I also don't have health insurance but may hit up PP. They need a copy of your birth certificate? I never knew that. I also know someone who got knocked up using the pill correctly. Jesus man, they need to make birth control for men! I mean it's in the proccess but this is the 21st century...they need to speed up the process :p women have enough stress as it is.

  12. Yeah, twice a fucking month! That was a bitch and a half, let me tell ya.

    I don't know if they really need birth certificates or not, or if it's different state-by-state or whatever...
    They didn't need any proof of anything when I first went in, but I tried to go there a year or two ago and they said they'd need a copy of my birth certificate.
    But then after that I had another friend who went in and said if you don't have your birth certificate they can look you up on the computer. Though, I'm not sure why they wouldn't have just done that when I was there. :confused:

    I wonder what they'd say about my SSN if I tried to go there with my birth certificate now... I was only 16 when I first went in and I didn't know my SSN, so I just made one up. :p
  13. As far as I recall, I was never asked for a birth certificate when I went in to PP the first time. I don't even remember if I gave them my SSN....

    i think my driver's license was enough
  14. When I first went in at 16 (6 years ago), I don't think you even had to show an ID or anything, but they did have me fill out a form that asked for my SSN and shit.
    It was only maybe a year or two ago that they asked me for my birth certificate, but maybe they can just look you up on their computers now. :confused_2:

  15. it could also be different in different areas... but I know i rarely ever take my birth certificate out of the box its in, and i can't recall having to do that for PP.

    either way... god I miss my health insurance... i hate planned parenthood. The DMV has better wait times.
  16. I just got my Mirena IUD removed. The original doctor cut the string way too short, and was very difficult to check. You need to check it to make sure it hasn't moved or disappeared. The insertion was uncomfortable - I'm not going to lie. It isn't ever comfortable to have your cervix dilated - even a little. I took the rest of that day off, and then had tolerable cramps for a few weeks. After a couple months, I rarely had bleeding. If I did, it was light and lasted a day or so.

    Eventually though, the super short string started to suck up inside my uterus. It was poking me, was hard to check, and I started having heaving bleeding. After the removal, it was kind of like recovering for having a baby. I was cramping, had heavier than normal bleeding, and activity made it worse.

    I'd still recommend it to friends. If the doctor puts it in correctly, you don't feel it and neither will your partner. It's easy to check a couple times a month, it is effective, and very safe.

    PS - Not sure if you've had a child, but this is usually only recommended to women that have had a pregnancy. There is a slightly higher risk of the iud shifting or being expelled from the uterus if the patient has not had a pregnancy.
  17. if you get an std with an iud if can lead to pelvic inflamitory(sp?) disease and other serious unterine infections so you just have to be very carefull with who you sleep with lol because PID causes infertility and all that lovely stuff lol. butttt its just one of those rare things you get if you sleep with people who have nasty stds. LOL like ive said, i had no problems with it, OH this might be helpfull i have a smaller size iud though, because im shorter and smaller in body size? so my ob/gyn gave me some type of smaller size thing, i have the box somewhere but i lost it.

    i really really hope the nuva ring works for you! fingers crossssssssed!
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    WAB, it's up to you. If you like the idea of being able to stop taking it whenever then stick with the pills or the nuva ring. I suggest seasonale (seasonique), it gives you 4 periods a year and i found it has the least negative side effects on myself.

    If you want something you can do once and not have to worry about it for awhile get the IUD (mirena), Implanon or Depo provera (sp?). The shot protects you for up to 3 months, but you have to take calcium pills with it because it has a tendency to weaken bones after prolonged use and when you want to stop it takes almost 4 months to get your period back to normal. The implanon is the rod they insert in your arm and it protects you for 3-5 years, but you can feel it and it kinda strange. The IUD you already seem to know about so i'll spare you, but the one thing i will say is if you haven't had a child I wouldn't recommend this for you.

    Personally, I hate birth control. While i was on it i experienced some wonderful perks my boobs got bigger, my face cleared up and my hair had this really nice thing going on, but with every good thing there is bad. I could get horny to save my life and it was even harder to get wet, not to mention i gained 10 pounds cause of the shit.

    I want a tubal ligation as soon as possible, but till then I'll just go old school. Lambskin condoms. Fuck yeah.

    I just realized
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    oh and, the iud can be removed whenever and you can get pregnant even the month after, but obviously that doesnt seem very likely imo but my ob gyn i've been seeing since i was 14 said so, she's the one who did my iud:)

    and btw, getting it does hurt, but it didnt really hurt the day afterwards or anything i just had a tiny bit of spotting for a the first three days ish and then my periods were just normal lol. lasting 3 days at a time:p.

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