Ladies are almost done.. w/ pics

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  1. Im thinking between a week and two weeks for the one on the right,
    the other two were stunted from 95 degree heat and high PH of almost 9. Righty seems to be more resilient to those two factors. Soon as these are done im getting a 400W hps or something, and i am converting my current CFL lights to a scrog setup. I just need to invest in a cabinet to run all this with proper ventilation. But any other tips are appreciated!

    The first picture is the middle, single cola one.
    Pic 2 is the one on the right
    Pic 3 is the lefty, i was hoping for 4 colas
    pic 4 i think is a close up of lefty
    pics 5 and 7 are close ups of the crystally fruit stack delight

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