Ladders+cigarettes+highschool music hall=read on ;]

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  1. Hey all ive never posted before but heres a story that i hope you all enjoy...

    im a junior in hs right now, and in our school right inside the main lobby is a music hall, stage lighting, seating in a semi circle the works. Soph year my buddies n i would take our lunches off and have a cigarette ourside the locker room gyms, other small spots but the music hall is the spot to go if your a gambler n wanna take your chance with luck. lolll im always up for some excitement so one day i take the offer to head in there with my buddies. this is where the story gets good. there is a sidedoor to a hallway with a ladder going all the way up, the ceiling is 2 storys up, to a door. the door leads to a catwalk that runs all above the music hall with wooden planks leading all over. Ive been up there before so i wasnt to nervous, but this is when things got reallll nerv racking. my buddies all go down before me, n i had a bad gut feeling once i was coming down because i was 3/4 up {slow at ladders} n my buddies had already gotten off the stage and were waiting for me in the dark of the seating area. i get down to about halfway down the ladder {say 18 20 feet up} and my worst fears come true. the door rightttt next to the bottom of the ladder starts shaking back n foreth n i hear keys jingling. The situation was real bad, id left the door to the catwalk open so someone would come in and search it and id surelly be caught, and i had no time to get to the bottom in fear theyd open it right before i got off. So i judged the landing, didnt think twice and jus lept straight off. I got some was straight fallin through the air for a second and a half, hit the ground feet first, collapse into a heap, gather myself and fuckin sprint my ass out of there. right as i got into the dark i heard the doors open, i ran out another door, grabbed a drink form the lunchroom n laughed as i walked by the open door and saw 2 teachers looking behind everything for me :D
  2. good story man, but you're probably gonna get banned for being underage

    stupid rule, but thats just how it is
  3. He never said he wasn't 18
  4. True, but i didnt know very many 18 year old juniors when i was in high school
  5. some of my friends are 18 year old juniors, he shouldn't get banned
  6. junior doesn't mean underage

  7. yeah I know a few too. It's not extremely uncommon.
  8. 18 or not sketchy ass situation haha, I knew a kid that got caught somekin a cig a year back, kicked out of school sent to an alternative education program, all for a cig?! not worth imo
  9. yeah sorry for elaborating, im 19 but ive failed school a few to many times ;p

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