Lactic Acid Bacteria Shelf Life?

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  1. I cultured my own LAB about 6 months ago or so and was wondering if it is still good to use for the next 6 months? I kept it in the fridge at about 5 degree Celsius (around the average fridge temp). Do you guys use old LAB with visible beneficial results?
  2. The vessel that is chatGPT says -

    The shelf life of lactic acid bacteria can vary depending on the specific bacteria and storage conditions. In general, most strains of lactic acid bacteria can be stored for up to 2-3 years when properly stored at low temperatures (below -18°C). However, the actual shelf life can be influenced by factors such as the strain of bacteria, the storage temperature, the presence of other microorganisms, and the presence of preservatives. It is always advisable to check the manufacturer's instructions or consult a specialist for information on the specific bacteria you are using.
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  3. if it smells then ...No!
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  4. Smells the same as the day I cultured it

    I don't think it went 'bad' so to call it but rather just afraid that maybe all the LAB died and now it's just empty water
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  5. Can it be brought up to peak vigor like in a sourdough starter?
  6. check the ph of the LAB, your shooting for around 3.5
    i keep bottles of LAB in my crisper in the fridge and never have issues
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