lack of fertilizing or what...?

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  1. Hey guys, hope you can help me out here.

    I had intentions of a grow journal, but didnt get around to it yet, maybe later on.
    I have 8 plants which are almost 5 weeks old, 4 hashberry from mandala and 4 white satin from mandala, they arent in the best shape, continous yellowing of the bottom leaves and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

    The seeds were sprouted in a mix of very mildly to almost not fertilized soil for seedlings with a ph of around 6.3, mixed with a little sand and hydropebbles. The plan was to use very mildly fertilized soilo and compensate for the lack of fertilizer in the soil by adiing canna terra vega. I adjust my water with ph-down so that it after being added fertilizer is about 6.5. I have been adding fertilizer in small doses for the past two weeks when I started to spot a little lighgreen/yellowing on some lower leafs, started out with very small doses, 2,5 ml/l which according to canna should be 10-30ml/l in veg. Since I started to add fertilizer to the soil there has still been yellow leafs and I have gradually started to ad more fertilizer and latest 2 waterings have had 10ml/l. But the plants arent moving upwards very much and still the yellow bottoms, so I was hoping you could help me out if it is anything else than lack of fertilizer? My pots are 1 gallon pots and I have added hydropebbles in the bottom to help drain the pots. Havent had chance to measure my temps in there yet, but am expecting a thermometer anytime soon, but the temps arent especially low and I have two 110 w 6400 K CFLs hanging right above the plants. I plan to change to bigger pots very soon, when I can get my hands on some pots and the plan was to use a more prefertilized soil when repotting and skipping the hydropebbles as drain. I'm hoping that this will help, but until I get that done I wondered if someone had any suggestions to what may be wrong other than lack of fertilizer?

    Hope you wanna help me with some input guys and in return I promise update you on the progress.

    Here are some pics, first a shot of the whole area, A shot of the four hashberrys And a shot of the four white satin

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  2. I don't have an answer but someone will chime in. One thing I do notice is how close together your internodes are. My plants seem so stretchy by comparison but I'm outdoors and cannot control the light as well. But other than the yellowing your plants look great.
  3. remove the damaged leaves to see if you have , actually solved the problems

    I think if anything you need a transplant to larger pots (5 gal buckets are great) & your ferts are more of a hydro nutes ............. NPK Formula: 3-1-3

    I use NPK Formula: 24-8-16

    switch to this for the lousy $8 and you will see unprecidented growth, and healthy certain to PH everything going in the pots

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering
  4. Thx for the replys guys,

    Hey virginharvester I think that my internodes are very close together, looks nice and bushy, but is probably a combination of strain and the fact that they might have been starved of fertilizer a bit and that might have stunted their upwards growth, This is my first indoorgrow after a break from a couple of outdoorgrows, but yes no worries if your internodes arent as close outdoors, so thx for the kind words, i too think they look great besides from the yellowing.

    Hey Ganja Guerilla, thx for your input sounds like youre are mostly confirming what I thought would help my plants, repotting to larger pots and focusing more on adequate fertilizing. I dont know if I'll have room in my cabinet for 5 gallon pots, probably will, depends on how many turns out to be female, so far out of my 8 plants I have identified female preflowers on 3 of them, but I oughta be able to have room for 5 gallon pots and that will probably help giving better conditions for the roots. So i'm gonna try to keep on with same dose of fertilizer, and remove the yellow leafs, but you mention that my canna terra vega is more of a hydro nute, but I don't think that I can get my hands on the Miracle-Gro you linked cause I'm in europe and haven't seen any shops that carry that, so do you maybe have another suggestion of fertilizer for veg, because I think that when I have identified the sex of all plants they remaining females will be vegged for a while to try scroggin them, so a good veg fertilizer would be great.
  5. Hey guys

    As promised I thought I would bring some updates. My plants continued to get the same dose of fertilizer and it seemed to help continuing on a little higher dosage, but the plan was to repot as it was very needed. So 5 out of the 8 have been repotted in to bio-bizz all-mix in 1.5 gallon pots, 4 showing female preflowers in the front and one behind which isnt showing yet. They were transplanted yesterday, a bit of soil was removed with care, so hopefully not to much effect on the roots, hope they will enjoy the new soil and pots

    Heres a shot of them.

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  6. Dude, your plants look fine. The slight yellowing you are seeing is a due to lack of nitrogen. Whatever nute you are using I would up it to full strength, but like mentioned before you are using a hydro nute so I would switch nutes. I would get bio-bizz nutes if your local shop has them and they probably will if they has the all-mix. Keep in mind your plants are in transplant shock, so you won't notice any changes for a few days. My hashberry's had the same problem but when I up the nutes the problem was solved.
  7. they are looking better without all that yellowing,

    a couple on the left hand side are looking a little overwatered, back off on watering amounts and frequency a bit
  8. Hey again

    The last picture was taken just the morning after the transplant, they were only fed water and and still havent been watered since, the soil has been sufficiently moist, so ganjaguerilla if they look overwatered I suspect that it is because of the recent transplant and I expect they will adapt after a couple of days in the new soil. And chongbong, yes I will wait and see how they react to the transplant before considering to use nutrients, don't know if they will need much more fertilizer in this stage than there allready is in the all-mix, but I have gotten me some bio-biz bio-grow and bio-bloom, don't know if you guys would think that they will need nutrients being added to my soil soon and how much? I was thinking that they could probably be without a while, but I'll see how they react to the transplant.
  9. Hey again grasscity

    Its now 10 days since my little kids were transplanted into bigger pots and better soil and I'm now using biobizz bio-grow as nutrient, they're looking great and growth has increased significantly and the yellowing of the leaves has stopped. I had 8 in the closet, now I have 6 left, 2 male white satin were chopped, so now theres 5 confirmed females, 3 hashberry and 2 white satin plus one little topped underdog hashberry which hasnt shown preflower yet.

    they were moved from 3,5 litres pots(0.9 gallons) to 6,5 litres pots (1,7 gallons) and they're are doing great, but check the roots at the bottoms allready

    Only 10 days and allready this much rootformation i the bottom, dunno if I should be glad or what, didnt wanna throw them in bigger pots if I could avoid it, but it looks like I might have to do that when considering I havent even started flowering yet, but dont you guys think I should wait a bit before transplanting them again?

    I soon cant wait any longer to get the last equipment put into the closet, carbon filter and ventilation is arriving any moment and will soon get my hands on a 400 w lumatek electronic ballast and an air cooled reflector from lx grow. When those components are installed I think I'll try to veg a week or a little more under a screen and se if I can get a good scrog going so therefore it would be best to have the transplanting done with before putting the screen on, as that might be a little akward. But blabla, just thought you guys wanted an update cause I think these mandalas are looking mighty fine. Peace out

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  10. glad to hear they are doing better

    keep vegging them till your equipment is all setup

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