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Lacing pot

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by kindbudhero, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. What is the deal with people so many differnat people like to lace there weed and dont tell a person and they think is funny.Well it isnt what is the point the person is going to know either just by looking at it or smoking it that really pisses me off casue it happend to my friend who now is in a home becasue of a crack addiction casue somebody thought it was funny to lace the weed they gave him.That is just plane wrong and what is the deal with embalming fluid what hell would want that on your weed it is what they use for dead people just concered for my friend
  2. coco-puffs......

    bud laced with coke.......

    its alright, but u cant do it too much, you'll get addicted......
  3. Come on you **edited by BH**. They don't do it for "fun". They do it for the pleasure of the buyer. Why would they waste whatever they're lacing for a good laugh. Drugs are expensive.

    there is no reason for name calling.. Stop while you are still a member!

    BH super mod
  4. you're friend is in a home because he got addicted to crack by smoking what i'm assuming was crack-laced weed? dude, no dealer's just gunna give you some free crack, you gotta pay extra for that shit. don't go to such shady people.
  5. the only reason u should get laced stuff without being told by the dealer is when the pot is really shitty and the shady dealer is trying to spice it up a lil. Those dealers dont care about you so find a new one. My dealer is like my brother, we are friends first, and he feels bad if he thinks hes sellin me bud thats not to his quality standards. so its just the people your hanging out with, find some smart friends, alot of stupid kids now adayz wreck it for the rest of them.
  6. lacing with any thing is BS in my book..

    I have heard of dealers doing it so people wou;ld by the more expensive drugs instead of just weed..
    Almost like a free sample of addiction!
  7. smoking cocaine doesn't do anything. there's nothing in cocaine that's heat-released like weed, so its just dirtying it up in my opinion. crack on the other hand...
  8. no thats not entrily true, just like if your were to eat straight bud, if you ate enough you would get high because there is a small amount of active cannaboids in unsmoked bud, just as im sure if you smoked coke you would get a certain effect, at least i do whenever i smoke a coco puff.
  9. ive also heard that burning cocaine beyond whatever temperature ruins it
  10. And I qoute, "if you smoked coke you would get a certain effect" although the coke may get burned away a certain percentage wouldn't hence the less dramatic effect of smoking crack, hahah im fucking high, we were doing KB blades dipped in honey oil, im FUCKED.
  11. i aint gotta worry bout a connect.....he lives in my house........
  12. Yeah thats fucked up...I see and hear about it all the time..but a even worse story i have: this girl i knew she had never done shrooms before and her friends put like a shit load of shrooms on a delivery pizza and this girl ate a whole bunch...and then BUMMM...really really bad trip....

    if you lace your weed fine...but allways tell others that want to smoke with you what your smoking...
  13. Who ever insulted me needs you read alot closer casue they lace the weed for buisness they want the person to smoke it come back and ask what made them trip and the dealer says crack and then the person will most likly want more like my friend and no the guy he went to is not my dealer it was his own personal guy casue he lived really close to him casue me and my dealer are good friends plus he doesnt like any other drugs.
  14. thats really fuck up, it happen to me, but not by my dealer. a freind tho it was funny, witch im pretty sure he did it so he wont be the only one in the group fucking with crack.. he hit a pretty good size of crack under the bud. i hit green, and i notice the different high... i started smokeing crack for 2 weeks str8 with him, i had to balance it out with crystal meth... since then i dont do crack, and been a while since i have done meth...

    really, a lot of people will do these, ethier to get new comsumers, or so they wont feel letf out, and bring others down the shit hole...

    oh yea, since then i only smoke with friends i know they wont fuck me over, and if i do smoke with others, i make sure they buy the sack, and rolled it infront of me, if they dont i always bring bud, and weeds on me...
  15. KindBudhero and i qoute "casue somebody thought it was funny to lace the weed they gave him". If your dealer thought it would be funny to lace your friends drugs, and you think thats acceptable then your dumber than i had orginally stated.
  16. i just had a buddy tell me he got weed from a dealer who told them it was laced with crack. i couldn't believe the tard smoked it. keep the bloody herbs pure.

  17. why the fuck would a dealer sell rocks like thatwith bud. thats money to be made
  18. the way he descibed the high and how much he smoked, i could only assume the bud itself was schwag, and the crack was to spice it up and addict those who smoke it.
  19. some people are rich and fucked up like that and like to hurt people for fun so easily if your making 20k a month you wont give a fuck if you sprinkle a gram of crack across a QP and then be like " oh shit man these people will be like wtf!!!1 lol"

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