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lacing bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by happycamper123, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. hi everyone. first time poster.
    what do you all think the effects of lacing bud with coke?
  2. Unpleasant and expensive.

    Keep it out.
  3. why mess with the weed like that? it is perfect the way it is!!!!!
  4. i liked it. but its not worth the trouble if you get popped. but coke sucks. its not worth what you have to pay for it either. im more of a downer kinda dude.
  5. all right thanks for the advice guys.
  6. I'll enjoy a Premo every once in a while.
  7. You would enjoy it more if you smoke the green and snort the white. More worth it!

  8. yeah maybe after that you can chug a galloon of antifreeze to settle everything
  9. i dont think you can smoke straight up coke..
  10. you can smoke coke, but its burning point is just slightly above its vaporization point, so more likely than not you'll just burn it instead of vaporizing it (which is what you want) leading to a gigantic waste.
  11. x2 brotha
  12. Exactly. :smoke:
  13. fuck coke and all them chemicals. weed, booze, and the occasional shrooms are all i need.

  14. well good thing you aren't the OP.. kind of a hypocrite to criticize others for using drugs don't you think?
  15. Ive heard its awesome.

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