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  1. Alright so during the summer I was not in school so of course I smoked pot everyday like any other person would. At this time I did not have a regular dealer (I regret this). I pretty much had to find weed anywhere I could.

    Anyway the friend I was chillin with knew a guy who sold it, and talked to him briefly. So we bought it and went back to her place. We packed it into a 1 hitter and smoked a little over 1g between both of us. About 5-10 mins later I got hit really hard, harder then I have ever been hit before and I have a decent tolerance. I started hearing echos having trouble standing up, every once and a while I would hear someone call my name, I would look and nobody was there this went on for a few hours. The high lasted a lot longer then normal.

    Anyway just thought I'd share that with you guys. Have not been active on the forum for a little bit so hope you guys enjoyed my short little story.

    - Canada

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