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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cmbr66, May 2, 2003.

  1. i bought a gram from one of my connects and i was trippin out on it. when i first got it we matched bowls and after like 3 hits i was sweaty and when i ate something it felt like i had been chewing gum for hours. then my vision started gettin trippy. like when you close your eyes and push on them. so i tought that i would fell the same way when i smoked the same weed again. so i smoked it tonight and non of the same stuff happend. BUT.................... i looked outside and i tought i saw a cop get out of his car and started looking in the bushes across the street from my house. i told my cusin to come look and after i asked him if he saw a cop and he said he saw nothing! it was soo real.....the cop was looking around the bushes.......walked around a fence and then i couldnt see him anymore. thats when i told my cusin. my cusin lookin across the street and keep askin to "where is he?" but the cop was behind the fence and bushes. then when i looked back the car was gone.

    now could my cusin looked past the car and was focusing on the wall. and this is just some good weed


    this weed is laced and i was tripping out on w/e was in it?

    it looks like normal chronic and has a strong smell
  2. good weed. You can usually taste if its laced with something.... the drugs that they lace it with usually don't taste like
  3. you cant taste LSD. i did have a sick color trip.....color-blind...........i went blind then my vision was blured with color!
  4. I doubt that your bud was laced with anyhthing at all actually.
    Synthetic LSD is extremely unstable at high temps, burning it will break it down almost instantly. Likewise with Mescaline and Shrooms, (though shrooms can be smoked, but you don't want to get into that! Psylocibin is a little more stable than LSD, but not much).
    If it was laced, it'd most likely be PCP, but you'd DEFINITELY taste that, it's fucking evil shit!
    I guess you just got really baked!

  5. ive never gone blind like that before. it was pretty intense. my vision went black then it came back but with alot of green and dark red or orange colors covering everything. its like i was lookin threw somthing.... like those glass windows that have all sorts of different color glass peices put together. you see em at churchs alot. that was a amazing trip i guess.
  6. you know what i was thinking...........lenny looks pretty stoned. HAHA

  7. your totally right.... especially bout the part of dust tasting like ass.... did you get a semi metallic minty embalming fluid taste when you smoked it (dust -pcp) or a slight medaciney taste- totally noticeable though ( k)

    generally when people lace they're pot..... they do it for them selves. Lacing pot cost money, not many dealers want to spend that extra dough to put stuff on thier product when they could be selling the regular stuff an making more money.

    Unless you have a market for dipped budd.... but its a rare thing that u'll get laced weed.
  8. yea, i remember taking hits from pcp laced sh't and it was still harsh from a bong. trust me, deres a big difference with tripping from pcp, like u'll know that you were trippin', hands down. prolly sum relli good bud, hook it up.
  9. damn bro, i always get good shit like that. I get visions and shit like that all the time. Usually wears off after couple of hours tho. I'm kinda a lightweight tno.
  10. From wut u say, there is a chance it could have been laced with a samll amount of Vitamin k. My experiences with the drug were similar because everything seems normal but then I looked over to where my friends was sitting on the couch and saw the devil sitting there. Then I looked away and looked back and my friend was sitting there. How much did u buy and how much did u pay for it anywayz?

  11. exactly!

  12. i got a gram of it for 20$
  13. i've had a kinda similar experience, u just smoked ur self way to much weed. i did it when my friend first got his ROOR. i felt so crappy the morning after.

  14. didnt smoke alot of weed at all. i only took 3 hits. i sat down and then thats when i started to trip. and the time i was tripping out and thought i saw a cop in front of the house i only smoked 1 bowl. maybe it just triggered something in me. cuz i smoked the same weed with different ppl and nobody else tripped like me.
  15. I would guess you just got really strong weed. You can usually taste it if it's laced. LSD though... I didn't know that you could smoke LSD! But that might have been it.

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