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Laced with salt?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JaGWiRE, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. You guys ever had this? I grabbed some pretty dank shit, guy said it was juicy fruit, however, it's full of bloody salt, it's driving me nuts. Why would anyone put salt on such nice bud?
  2. that sucks... I dont even think putting salt in it would add much weight without it being overkill, so maybe the guy just spilled it on something... i dunno... you sure its salt and not cocaine?
  3. Well I guess it could be ssomething else but there is a lot, it looks and tastes like salt (after I grinded my nug and put it on my table there was this white crap all over the place, doesn't look identical to salt but I'm pretty sure it is), and I doubt anyone would lace weed with coke and chop it, it'd be too much of a waste. This dank is just filled with this salt though..
  4. lol do you even have to ask?
    hes obviously throwing salt in to weigh down the sack so he doesnt have to give away as much weed.
    and i wouldn't advise smoking any bud with salt on it because smoking salt screws your brain up pretty hardcore even if you just do it once.
    i would personally LOOK AT THE BUD before you buy and say wtf is this.
  5. :(

    I remember when I got some really good lookin shit, they said it was Columbian Gold (yea right), it looked good so I said what the hell and copped a gram.

    Well, when I opened the nug up when I was breaking it up... it had gold glitter everywhere! So I got my money back, which is what you should do.
  6. That's just straight messy.
  7. id assume someone put salt in your bag because they knew youd be chump enough to buy a bag of salt w/o looking at it :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. Make it look more crystaly?
  9. I read an article that said dealers in the UK were actually lacing their weed with tiny glass granules to add weight if only a nominal amount. In the article it said that those glass granules can easily get lodged in lung airways(no shit huh?)
  10. There was a kid saying he knows a guy who puts sugar on his bud to make it look more crystally. He looked at me like I was nuts when I told him there was no way in hell I'd smoke it.

    The fuck is wrong with people. I say cook it unless you don't mind smoking salt... BLEH
  11. I only grabbed a g and a half
    It pissed me off. The bud was fucking beautiful bud, but the dude put so much salt, it's all over my table :(.
  12. meh sugar is used often, you would be suprised how many sacks are tainted.

    there was a thing of putting crushed up glas beads in but that seems to have gone (thank god)
  13. Well atleast you actually got bud, I know people who put leaves off a random bush in a bag, and handed it to people after snatching their money. But after someone said smoking salt is bad, i wouldnt fuck with your bud anyway anymore, it could be true for all I know cause i never investigated smoking salt, but someone on this forum giving the heads up is good enough for me to not fuck around ya know. You gonna need your brain cells for a while still, so I say fuck that bag and throw it away.

    Personally, always look before you hand them the money, and don't buy from someone you are afraid of / wouldn't want to confront if there was a problem, or shady people in general. That is just my advice.
  14. Funny thing, the friend of mine who chopped me this left his ski here, and he lives out of area, so I had to give the ski back directly to the guy (who happend to be the guy whos bud this is), he seemed like a pretty sketchy guy with his friends, real street-thuggish, so I'm not too surprised, I talked ot my friend and we both agree it's probably sugar if anything cause it doesn't taste that salty (tasted it again, before I was ripped haha).
    I was thinking of calling the guy back and asking him what was in his shit but whatever.
  15. wouldn't salt keep it from molding and shit?
  16. if you blaze the bud and the white is still there its salt or soemthin. coke would burn up, salt woulden't
  17. the person who grew it probably wanted it to dry faster so just shake it off, salt will suck the water right out so he did u a favor getting the water out i didn't read all the posts so this might have been said but i hope this helps
  18. wow you got owned man. that should have been kind of noticeable no? maybe not? i have no idea what salted weed looks like
  19. WTF, are you retarted or not 18 yet.
  20. QFT. Fucking lawls.

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