laced with catnip

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  1. i tried out a new supplier the other day i bought 3 grams for 25$ thinking i was getting a good deal i gave him the money and he bounced and go figure the jerkoff laced it with catnip :mad: i could tell because my grimey friend who used to do that to people he didn't like even agreed to it idk if this story has any point :confused: but i just thought it was a story to tell feel free to leave storys about getting ripped off
  2. How do you lace plant matter with plant matter??:confused:

    do you mean he gave you a sack full of only cat nip or was it like a small amount of weed and a shit load of cat nip??
  3. What the fuck is going on in here? Ahahahaha.

    And how the fuck did he lace it with catnip? Did you mellow out or something when you smoked it? Was it all cat nip? How do you know? Your story does not make sense.

  4. lol im sorry to tell you man, i know the king pins of the operation and now that you know its all....

  5. I had weed that looked felt and tasted like catnip, but wasn't.
    I got high after 2 j's taste was gross but it was weed.
    What happened was a guy had it in his trunk for a month and some other shit happened so it lost its taste and potency. I swore it was catnip til I rolled it up and got high......
    I'm glad I never have to deal with that.

    not really an epic fail of a thread, just sucks to have happen to you.
  6. I bought 3gs yesterday, no catnip.
  7. catnip = 1% thc im pretty sure, same plant family as canabis
    this fucked up guy i know smoked it all the time cause he couldnt get weed most of the time.

    oh, and we got this dumb girl to smoke 2 joints of it and she said she was high.. although the same girl smoked the random tree i rolled up too. "it wont burn!!!"... hahah..
  8. sir.. I only have one suggestion for you

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  9. I sould an ounce of catnip to some dude when I was 13 :\ he told me he got really high to. silly prat.

    Sorry to hear bout the bump man. I always make sure if im picking up I get the biggest bag and if it dont look good they are the ones getting bumped :).
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    That's not a story about getting "ripped off;" it's a story about you being too stupid to check your fucking weed before you mindlessly hand over the money like a tool. I really hope you actually managed to struggle through this painfully obvious mistake enough to learn a valuable lesson, kid.
  11. I still don't understand how you know it was laced with catnip, did you have a craving for salmon and feel like chasing a yarn ball after :smoking:
  12. You don't read too well, do you? Check out the first post again....

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