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  1. dude i got a half sack of weed 2 weeks ago and havent smoked smoked it till today and put some in a bowl and toked up and 15 minites later my mouth ,gums , tounge ,face , feet ,hands and fingers got numb as hell 4 like 2 hrs i never had that happened 2 me before and i started reading up on it and i heard it was laced with coke and i just wondering if thats true :confused:
  2. good possibility.....normally i would just say it was good bud, but i have never had all those body parts go numb just from some dank bud....not sure why anyone would want to lace the bud with coke, unless they are trying to get you addicted to their stuff
  3. dosnt sound like coke, smoking coke is basicly useless, unless you mean crack

    if anything happens your teeth gums and lips will go numb, but its not enough too affect you in that way. maybe embaulming fluids? watch out man.

    i smoked weed with heroin one time (didnt know) but it was actully kinda fun. wtv

  4. smoking coke is not useless
  5. Over here weed laced with coke is called




  6. Smoking cocaine wastes alot of it, your better off shuving it up your nose.

    you can even lace a stoge/blunt/joint with blow and all it does is give you a "nummy"

    Crack is want you want if ur trying to smoke coke.

  7. yeah i know it wastes a lot of it compared to snorting it, but it isnt completely useless.....that was the only point i was trying to make there
  8. i guess it was crack then it just trip me the fuck out i didnt kno what it was and my whole body was numb it happened 2 my friend 2 today and he got it from me and i called him and he had the same effect and like u said why would somebody waste their weed with coke it would be a waste of money cuz i got it 4 regular price could it be meth cus i live in a big meth town are n e thing else
  9. Its not very common that you get laced bud nowadays. Its probably your imagination and its really just some good buds
  10. P.S. A base high doesnt last 2 hours, more like 2 minutes
  11. yeah that part did not even register with me for some reason. coke would not last that long at all, nor would crack

    i am going to have to go with my original guess and say it was just some bomb weed that you arent used to
  12. Yeah it just sounds like some good bud man. Oh and smoking coke (not crack) will get you pretty fucked up (not just a nummy). I don't know what you guys are talking about.
  13. i believe the point being made on this issue was that smoking it loses some of the effects compared with smoking it is all
  14. i guess it was just some weed im not used too and i havent smoked n a month so it could be that but i just never had that feeling before thanks 4 the help
  15. freebasing coke and smoking crack are exactly the same thing. The only difference is: if you are cooking the powder yourself and smoking it at home, its freebasing. If you buy it from some dealer behind a rat infested apartment complex in rock form, then its crack. But exactly the same high. So I dont know what you are talking about?:)
  16. weed with coke sprinkled on it is called chewy over here... and it fucks u up i dont know what u guys are talkin bout... lol but yea just sounds like some really good bud
  17. After using coke for 5 months and now being sober longer then i was on it.

    i have learned not to fuck with it, i dont care how it affects anyone, stay away from it and you will be ok. weed saved my life and i love it more now then i ever have.

    there is many things that can be laced with weed, that one dude was right in saying most people dont bother anymore, it costs too much money and its not funny anymore.

    my brother once told me about weed laced with embaulming fluids and how when you smoked it its Paralized you for hours on end, sounds scary. another thing you can do is smell the weed really hard, go digging in there and figure out if theres something there that shouldnt be, another indication is when the weed is mid grade/regs, because you should know that shakity shake with seeds should not get you that high.

    just some thoughts

  18. how would u kno if u kno ur weed was laced with crack r coke
  19. why is this thread here?
  20. i dunno, cuz i put it here

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