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laced weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DevilsYesca, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. well i just got information from my dealer that the dank and powerful shit he proclaimed to be "catpiss chronic" was some medical AZ Stress(schwag):confused:what i didnt undestand was how the bud would get you really ripped it must've been laced thats whhat i think,,,anyways what things couldve my dealer been lacing to the shit besides crack

    i have no idea why the dealer would tell us him self that it was schwag,isn't bad for bunisses or is he really fucking with us?

    i dont know what to believe since he would hook up like a quad for 40 bucks...:confused:

    oh yes lemme describe the bud a bit. it had a sour lemoney scent,it was green with dark green patches,and i cant clearly remember if it had oranges hairs.....
  2. You want that bud.
  3. i doubt it was laced. it would cost alot more if it was laced.

    it was just good bud.
  4. so it was good dank schwag?
  5. laced weed is extremely uncommon, and usually youll be told when it is laced, cause thatll be the point. But if you got really high and it was schwag, thats weird. However, if he sells it for so cheap thats sort of an indicator that it wouldnt be laced.

    im high i hope that made sense.
  6. I actully had an experience where i thought my weed was laced.
    It was like my 7th or 8th time smoking weed.
    and i smoked like 2 joints then later went to a friends and hit up about 5 bowls from a bong.
    I was really high.
    My friend told me it was laced as a joke.
    Later i asked the dude and he said it was just really really really dank.
    So haha.
    I guess my conclusion is that its just good shit.
  7. Dealers secretly laceing weed is a mith spread by the gorernment as more anti marijuana propaganda, If weeds alctually laced they are going to want you to pay extra... Why would someone add money to your sack without charging extra??? Its just like the mith of razor blades and glass in apples on halloween has been around forever even tho its never once been reported alctually happening.

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