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Laced Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Us and Them, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. My friend told me that a lot of weed is laced. I find this hard to believe. She said regs are like the only pure form of weed and like all growers put in chemicals and shit.

    Any truth to this? I don't think it is true but I would like to know what more experience people think.
  2. BS, most of the laced weed you find is low grade bud and even then its extremly rare to find laced weed.
  3. Sometimes I wish I had some laced shit. You know, just to change it up.
  4. The only reason why many people beleive that their weed is laced is because the underestimate the power of thc.
  5. if by laced she really means not grown organically, with synthetic chemical fertilizers and the like. then yes, but with a propper flush these produce a very safe product.

    if she means all good week really has PCP in it to give a wide awake high, then she is very poorly informed. extra drugs cost the dealer money. and they piss off the consumer. if you smoked PCP you would no say wow this is some strong weed, you would say HOLY FUCKING SHIT WTF AM I ON.
  6. If by "chemicals" you mean water and nutrients, then sure.

    Otherwise, no.
  7. Thanks for the answers guys. I knew she had to be wrong. I am really high right now, she was freaking me out.

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