Laced weed???

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  1. Ok so yesterday I was at my local electronic cigarette shop at the mall and I was with my two friends testing out flavors, mods ,and all kinds of ecigs. I was chatting with my friend that I'm gonna buy a slice tonight and smoke it with my vaporizer at my buddy Eric's house. A guy walks in looking at the ecigs and over herd what we were saying he then came over and said hey i could hook you up right now with a slice and i said oh sweet do you have it with you and he replied no its in my car i can scale it out for you and come back in so i said alright ill buy it. So he goes and gets it comes back in we go into the bathroom and i get the stuff he it was shake and its really dank shit and its from Cali so I'm like awesome cant wait to try it out he's like you won't be disappointed. So me and my friends we leave the mall and we go over to Eric's we packed a bowl in the vaporizer and vaped it. We then walk over to another friends house down the street not too far so we all decide to watch a movie now i was high as fuck and it felt like normal weed and it was a good high. We finish the movie and we go back to Eric's to order a pizza later on that night and we stay up till 3:30 in the morning were all in the basement and were sitting in these lounge chairs. we packed another bowl and my friend smokes 1 full bowl and I smoke 1 full bowl it was probably .1 very little amount my friend is like laughing at everything and that usually doesn't happen we're mostly chill but it does matter on the type of strain so thats what i thought it was. so that all goes on for about a half hour and i start to get crazy body sensations throughout my whole body i thought it was just good ass weed but then i kinda had mild hallucinations and the trophies my friend had on the top of the shelf had started to move! back and forth very slowly and on the wall was moving like the lines of the grain of the wood. so I'm like ohh shit!! What happens if this stuff was laced with PCP or LSD i started to freak out then reminded my self if it is PCP or LSD i cant fight it or else ill get a bad trip so ill just relax and let my body experience these effects so i do that and i was pretty chill then my friend was sitting next to me and said "damn bro i feel like im getting higher and higher it feels awesome" i kinda got scared and was like oh shit what if i die then my heart was pumping very very fast i tried to ignore it but i was still freak out about that but i just closed my eyes and once i did that my vision in my mind was literally like i was looking at a colorful picture all of these vibrant colors and patterns were like trying to tell me something and i felt like i was on a roller coaster zooming threw everything that i thought of it was fucking trippy then i look over i see that my friend got way too high and passed out. I was just laying in the chair closing my eyes looking at everything that i thought of then i must have passed out the next morning i still felt high and my brain wasn't really functioning correctly but it went away by 4 in the after noon but wow it was extreme and i never had that experience before ever with weed so I'm guessing it was laced with something or it was just really dank i never freak out with weed because i know it cant kill me but if it was laced i can so now I'm never buying from a stranger i dont know and i will continue to buy from my main dealer that is trust worthy but what do you think it was??

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  2. Lsd combusts with fire, Pcp tastes like burnt plastic chemicals.

    Wasn't laced.
  3. Are you a newbie smoker? When I first started I got those kind of highs as well. Lucky bastard
  4. That guy just sold you some dank ass weed. Enjoy it!

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  5. I've been smoking for a year but i think it was just my mind fucked up cause my friend was like your weeds prob laced with something so that prob freaked me out and i kept thinking i saw ghosts but i guess it was just some super dank shit thanks for clearing it up for me

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  6. Your weed will never be laced, OP.

  7. not truuuuueee
    also if its over noted hydro thats as bad as laced weed
  8. Are you referring to hydroponically grown weed. With like all the nutrients and fertilizers
  9. He meant over nutriented hydro grown bud.

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  10. I lace my weed all the time, with air freshener and cat food
  11. The weed was chronic. Lsd cannot be smoked.

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  12. My friend thought his weed was laced with coke once, I can't imagine any dealer would waste coke by using it I lace weed.
    I'm not saying it never happens but it seems completely illogical

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  13. That's what im sayin, all my dumb buddies have these stories about smoking weed laced with coke. They buy half grams of weed at a time. For some reason, I HIGHLY doubt that a dealer would lace something that goes for 80 dollars per gram, with something worth 10 dollars a gram.

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    Didn't mean to double post, oops

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