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Laced weed!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by traviekush, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Ok so yesterday my friend told me he found atleast a quarter or more of some dank bud. He found it at the end of his driveway in a plastic bag wrapped in the clear plastic bag when he was taking his dog out. So im like cool im down ill come over your house tomorrow(Which is today). So today just now 15minutes ago i call him and im like so im on my way you still got the bud?

    Me:"Lol so what happened when you smoked it like what were your effects?"

    Him:"Me and teddy smoked two blunts of it and by the second hit off the first one i was fucking HIGH AS SHIT I was running up and down the street and so paranoid and scared i was freaking the fuck out bro. i swear cars were turning into creatures.

    Me:'LMAOOOO Are you ok!"

    Him 'Yea bro But that shit had me just off the radar"
    End Of Convo:hello: Yea it was stupid of him to smoke it.
    Pic Of the weed


    Attached Files:

  2. dumb fool prolly just had a panic attack, smoke that shit, if your naked in the streets riding ponies then its laced
  3. Cut your finger nails bro
  4. yeah i dont think that was laced
  5. In the name of science, smoke that shit.
  6. It was my bros finger nail he sent me the pic lol
  7. Ya man trim your nails and get laced off of that shit!!
  8. Word hahah I was just tryin to be a smart ass. It prolly wasn't laced though your friend needs to chill maybe it's because he smoked 2 blunts to the dome he was so high?
  9. Do you live in Indiana?
  10. No but saw the 500 once. That was as cool as fuckski!! Rain delayed... Plastered lost my car.... Good times. :)
  11. #11 Mastah Kush, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2012
    Salvia maybe? He thought it was just weed, wasn't expecting anything else, soon as the trip started, he flipped the fuck out, and tripped his balls off.
  12. Chances are the dude is used to smoking mids and that was some chronic, or it was laced. or your bro is a softbody
  13. my question is... WHO THE HELL FLUSHED GOOD WEED LIKE THAT?! laced or not, atleast let someone else look at that shit first. no reason in rushing the flushanator. :\
  14. Oh my god. Why in science's name would you flush that down the toilet?!

    Give it to me!
  15. Nope South Suburbs Of Chicago About 45Minutes Away From Gary,IN
  16. I remember when I wasn't full-time I scored some what we thought to be white widow, I didn't think it was laced back then, I just assumed it was some badass motherfuckin' shit. I threw it away however, it did kinda make me a little paranoid, but that's marijuana! Shit wasn't laced.
  17. isnt it pretty obvious dude found a bag of homemade spice? other then that he must have just had a panic attack cause he didnt know where the weed came from cause this EXACT scenario happened to me, but I didn't have a panic attack, my friend did and I had to talk him through it..."dont worry, bro, im fine, we both smoked it, just relax, youll be fine soon enough"
  18. Your friend is a moron lol
  19. Yeah, reassurance will help alot.
  20. And what about the other dude.. Was he trippin out as well or was it just him.

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