Laced weed stories!

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  1. It's probably happened to a lot of us, but post your stories.

    One time this dude (Who was a really good friend of mine) was supposed to give me some weed, but he was taking a while so he gave me the rest of his weed until he reed up. It was only like a bowl pack.

    So I smoked it later on that day, and omg it was laced with something crazy. First, spongebob was on the tv, and it honestly was scaring the living shit out of me. It was like watching a real life horror movie. I was sooo high, but a way different high. I threw up. Then I just laid in my bed and closed my eyes. It felt like my eyes were speeding through my body, and I was looking at my organs. Soon, my body was a light show with beautiful green spinning lights. It was an intense high that I don't want to feel ever again.

    To this day I have no idea what it was laced with.
  2. i doubt many people had laced weed before since it is extremely rare and also you most likely greened out instead of getting laced weed.
  3. It wasn't even a full bowl pack. Just some shake. I've been smoking for about 5 years, and I know that that high wasn't a normal high or greening out.
  4. One time someone sold me some crystal meth, and there was some weed in it. What the fuck?!
  5. one time i was smoking a blunt and i was like 2/3 down smoking on some reggie bush feelin alright when i take a hit and it crackles. all of a sudden i start coughing up a storm and i feel so fucking high. i put the blunt out because i was so high. then all of a sudden everything is so fucking beautiful and peaceful and i feel amazing. then all of a sudden i feel so fucking paranoid. more paranoid than i ever felt in my life for no fucking reason. then back to amazing again so i start to walk but i could barely walk. im falling on my hands running into shit i swear it was some pcp or sum shit
  6. Once, way back in the 1980's we bought a bag of laced weed. It was a scary high, and I am actually glad the cops ended up confiscating the sack. Long story. Don't know what it was laced with, but talked to some people about the high we experienced and we think it was PCP. Like I said, it was scary.
  7. One time I was smokin a joint with some douche bags, and it was crackling. I noticed it too late though, I was already so fucked up I didn't even know it. turns out it was laced with angel dust. I end up running down the street in my underwear, and woke up in a chicken coop. No one but my momma could get me out. Since then I ain't been the same.
  8. my old dealer sold me a pre rolled joint for like 3 bucks. me and my friend smoked it and then proceeded to BOTH see leperchauns on the highway. lm not sure if it was laced with pcp or if we ran thru an irish parade filled with little people.
  9. I was at the mall and I picked up from this random dude. I know it was laced with something, not 100% sure what tho. Punched a couples bowls at the mall, and I was wired, like wide awake for almost 2 whole days,I could not fall alseep if my life depended on it. [​IMG]
  10. one time someone sold some weed with what looked liek baking soda on it,
    didnt taste like baking soda but damn it got me high
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    I like that movie
  12. I've had laced weed.
    I dunno if it had some other drug or fertilizer in it or what.
    1. Didn't smell or taste like weed.
    2. Didn't relax after toking. Got a huge energy rush.
    3. Grinding my teeth.
    4. Stayed awake for 2 days straight after smoking it.

    Threw that bag out and never saw that dealer again.
  13. All of my weed is laced with THC
  14. PCP is some expensive shit, and if you're getting laced weed, you're getting two drugs for the price of one.

    Lucky bitch.

  15. Tell Big Worm and Craig I said what up.

  16. That shit happened to me before, the only difference is that I was watching an old episode of south park, one with only cartman, and he was being a secrative, manipulating dick, but it was actually really scary. I never want to feel that way again ethier, it's not very enjoyable.
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    If you couldn't go to sleep it was probably Meth. It is a waste of money for the dealer if the fuck was lacing the shit with drugs. So therefore most people lace it themselves.
  18. I dont ever wanna feeeeeeeel, the way I did that day.

    Lol your post made me think of that song.
  19. old ass post i know, but couldn't help saying that what u described is exactly a normal weed high lol. joints/blunts crackle all the time

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