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Laced Weed Or Pesticides/chemical Fertilizers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Non, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Well, someone I know regularly gets marijuana from someone that I often suspect is selling 'dirty' weed. I'm not sure if it was intentionally laced. It could be pesticides or fertilizer. It's just IMO not a natural smell... I would try it and it would make my stomach hurt somewhat, more 'stupid' than normal, hard to sleep (feels like my joints and bones ache or are burning?), somewhat agitated. Well, the smell is hard to describe for me, the last one smelled like "guava" but Im sure it's not a real guava strain. And it's not a natural smell like real guava would smell like.. more a combination of weed smell plus chemicals. This is what is smells like usually actually, I just thought of it yesterday "oh that's what it smells like".
    I'm guessing this is somewhat common here where I live as I've encountered this kind of weed before.
    Or could it be really laced? Anyone familiar with this "guava" smell I speak of?

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    I dont know where the weed comes from. I often think my dealer just collects different kinds of weed and sells the bad stuff to 'less desirable customers' while keeping the good stuff to himself and closer friends. Our weed is never consistent, always sold at the same price. Everytime we see him he usually has different stuff, we'll know if we see it and take hits off what he's smoking.
    Sometimes I'll think maybe the gov. or some other agency stepped in the middle and is lacing shit kind of secretively. We don't know where this shit comes from and this is why we need legalization.
  3. you might be worrying too much because you are high, its normal to feel a little achey after a smoke especially if you are tired.
    but if you really want to find out just wait until you are sober and ask your friend, my guess is its just a mild bit of paranoia and worrying.
  4. Or maybe it smells like a papaya, somewhat like unripe papaya.
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    Yeah it's kind of hard to bring up that topic. We've been having it for a while and that would be like asking for trouble I guess lol. He could be selling us worse weed and know it... so that would be a confrontation.
    I've snuck off and gotten weed from another source.. who also supposedly buys from him. I dont know their relationship, maybe they buy from each other I dont know..
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    well that's good to know. Yeah I dont think he'd lace with PCP.
    But I've heard of people spraying other shit on it to either change smell/flavor, add weight etc.
    Fertilizers and pesticides could also have to be flushed.
    ^ this guys is right non,
    just chill out and enjoy your smoke :) watch some tv, eat some nice food have a nice refreshing drink. hopefully you will feel better.
    Yeah I hope you're right. THanks
  10. weeee another is my weed laced thread.
    let me direct you to the search button at the top of the page where you will find literally 1,000's of threads of people describing EXACTLY what you described. complete with pictures and 100s of comments from seasoned smokers. if ya did a bit of research, i'm sure you'll find the answers you're looking for.
    of course its a possibility your bud could be tainted from the grower using chemicals. but im not sure how you expect us to know? we can't see, smell, or smoke the bud your talking about, so pretty much anything we say to you is moot.
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    Yeah just found the one pinned thread on the apprentice smoker's subforum.
    However, experiences Just like mine? Like guava smelling? Which key words to search for?
    Actually Lacing is probably not what I'm even looking for/talking about since I said earlier and as you also said it could be growing chemicals, or pesticides etc.
    So which means the weed should be flushed...
  12. #12 Non, Jun 13, 2013
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     well keyword: pesticides...
    Yeah look at that:
    Someone from FL, which is where I'm at also... seems to have had the same problem of 'pesticides/chemicals'.
    This may not be intentional lacing of course.. but I do know that my dealer sells me the weaker/more chemical smelling stuff.
    edit: read it fully.. actually no he didn't have the problem... just questioned whether there are long term effects to pesticides/chemicals.
  13. I dont know.. maybe I'm just more sensitive but I definitely can notice in the smell of the weed something not natural.. in comparison with others.
  14. #14 Non, Jun 13, 2013
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    wells, next day after smoking it I feel stupider than normal and more addicted.
    I notice because it IS a different high, it does not let me sleep.
    Do you know if dealers would add stuff to make people addicted?
    I know he sells different weed, probably at higher prices for the better stuff.... or keeps it to himself. I dont know why he wouldn't tell us about them. Maybe he wants to get the load off from the stuff he's selling us and knows it.
    Well even if I do seem paranoid it doesn't mean nothing is going on! Since well behind a lot of chemicals the actual intent Was for depopulation of the human. Shhh... but that sounds crazy, and of course people underneath it all probably don't intend harm. BUt you know also people jsut care about profits. Crazy world.
  15. So maybe what I'm getting is actually "beasters"?
    I'm from Miami, I dont know if it's common. Though I tend to think this is what it may be based on descriptions I've read.
  16. I doubt it was laced. But it is very possible that you've received weed that wasn't flushed or even grown properly. To me, good weed is good weed and you'll know it. You won't have to question it.

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