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Laced Weed, it happens rarely, but it does happen!

Discussion in 'General' started by Space, Aug 13, 2009.

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  1. yea, ive never seen or heard of anyone getting laced weed, first off they would charge more for that shit or else they'd be loosing a profit, and youd obviously know the defference in price, taste,look,smell... i would never smoke pcp some people i know ahve tried it and said it was rediculous, one of my buddies called me while in shermland and said their were spiders and shit all around, then the toliet was to small to piss in, then he mtotally freaked the fuck out started yelling and threw his phone(i heard him go aaaa and the wind going past the speakers) i was like shit.. fuck that shit, trust me you dont want to do pcp and from what you've described you didnt do pcp, i mean i've done shit like coke,cid,2ci,shrooms, smoked heroine(ill never inject that shit) rolls,ketamine, and various pills..xannx,norcos,codine,hydrocodine, darvecet.(my moms pain killer she gave me like half her thing for when i got headaches.. hahaha i never had i took like 4 at a time) well
  2. Damn, Man I Didn't know you like to get wet.
  3. LOL.

    This thread is so full of fail.

  4. Sounds like you were just stoned :p
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    They speak for themself
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    i posted it because so many 'people who know about bud' are saying it never happens. it does happen, i never said it heppens all the time though, and i am posting my personal experience so people who think theirs may be can have a reference to one persons experience.

    By saying i shouldnt make this, you are being as bad as the prohibitionists IMO. Just pretend it never happens, and theyll never know. Just sheild them like children. We're all (suposivley) adults here.

    Some people try to be careful what they put into them. I dont. But some do, and i respect that, and by making this thread i hope it can help them to possibly identify a contamination of their weed.
  7. come on blades..this seems a silly thing to argue about..

    neither side can prove that either side is right or wrong..if he thinks its PCP it most likely was, or it wasnt..

    big deal, can we move on?

    and yes..it does happen..ive smoked bug with formelayde on it..it was the worst smoke of my life
  8. ^THIS!!!

    thank you for having common sense. Im to high to write properly and shit. :D
    + rep, even tho it wont do much:D

    i think well leave it at that
  9. BULLSHIT! Doesnt make economical sense blah blah:D


    seriously tho, that sucks man what happened?

  10. well..i attempted to consume myself...yea long story..glad i wasnt alone
  11. shit man, did you add it yourself? or....nvm u prob dont wanna talk about it

    sorry to hear it bro.
  12. one day my friend blazed me before school(when i was in hs) and it was fucked the whole world looked like one big picture and i was falling down non stop and it felt like i could feel my nerves shooting arround in my body with electricity .. and i couldn't walk ..... my legs just wouldn't work .. so i was freaking out ....then i managed to get inside .... barely walking ....and falling into class ...and then my teacher said nick come up and do ur presentation .... ... i was standing there wobbling to shit and couldn't read and my friend was laughing soooo hard .... but i have never had any shit like that in myy life .... it was fucked .. ...
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    dude no...who the fuck even has pcp in canada c'mon..

    ok this is where i lose the last hope for this thread being even remotely legit...haha...ok man i am sorry but idk when you heard this retarded bullshit propaganda but it is far from true...bring me back a Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry sample of your weed and i will believe you

    ok pcp is one thing but just look shit up before you say stuff like that man...formaldehyde is not psychoactive and will not enhance your high...no fucking weed dealer just has embalming fluid layin around..."oh lets put some embalming fluid on the weed and sell it to people since we always have so much formaldehyde here and it will make these kids addicted and buy more weed from us" ...

    smoking formaldehyde would make you sick if not kill you...just make an attempt at being rational and try to justify you retarded claim..not even the fuckin DEA has confirmed formaldehyde in any sample of weed

    EDIT: GODDAMN WEED NEWBs..Iam not kidding
  14. this shit is so funny. i remember kelso was trippin balls one time cause we put some dust on his jammy.
  15. take a drug test and take a pic of the results here and ill believe. ok
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    and this...

    Q:After researching the vaults I still haven't been able to answer my question. The drug PCP is not Formaldehyde (Embalming fluid) but rather PCP is a totally different compound, and the mix-up is just due to slang? PCP is not extracted or derived from Embalming fluid?

    Please help me answer this question, because it seems people assume you can get high off embalming fluid from your local mortician.
    A: \tYou are exactly right. Embalming fluid (as used by a mortician) is generally dilute (watered down) formaldehyde. PCP is not embalming fluid. There is no PCP in embalming fluid. PCP cannot be derived from embalming fluid. Formaldehyde and PCP are not chemically related. There is little reason to believe that formaldehyde would produce any pleasant or desireable effects when smoked.

    Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen linked to nasal and lung cancer, and with possible links to brain cancer and leukemia and should not be smoked.

    The confusion comes simply because somewhere along the line PCP picked up the slang name "embalming fluid". Since the confusion began, it is entirely possible, even likely, that some people have smoked formaldehyde soaked cannabis or tobacco, thinking they were getting the same "Embalming Fluid" (PCP) that they had smoked before.

    EDIT : again here you go you fucking weed newbs thing all kinds of stupid shit and true .. i am sooo high .. you know there must be some embaling fluid in this weed cuz i have not been this high before...

    EDIT: one time i took like 12 xanax peaches at school at lunch and passed the fuck out in like 30 minuts in class...i would wake and my head would hit the next to me cuz i couldnt keep it up ( my head) ..some girl was like wtf bro wake up but it was no use haha..true story..i was a wild kid
  17. Thats cute Steve
  18. One time I smoked with a few of my friends and it was the craziest high I've ever had. Come to find out later it was actually laced with meth.
  19. Embalming fluid has similar effects to PCP when smoked.

    PCP stands for phencyclidine and it is a strong animal tranquilizer.

    Stop acting like you smoke like Bob Marley did.

    Get off the egotrip and sit down in your chair please, no need to get worked up over "weed newbs".
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