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Laced weed is ridiculous...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ur Highness, May 13, 2011.

  1. Geting weed laced with other drugs is pointless for the dealer, and rarely ever happens... But shit like this, would be cheap, and make the dealers more money...

    It's fucked up because to the naked eye you could miss stuff like glass, iron, or if the bud was sprayed with something. Just another reason why it should be legalized.

    [ame=]YouTube - Iron Fillings found in UK Cannabis[/ame]
  2. Funny, i've only heard about this in the UK. I've personally never seen grit weed over here. Now laced weed's a different story.
  3. Did he smoke that bud after he moved the iron around in it? Id be scared iron scraps would have came off and stayed with the bud.
  4. What is the reason for this?...

  5. I highly doubt that he did, that would just be dumb.
  6. If you tinctured that it would be like weed Geritol Iron Tonic!

  7. Here in the states all our weed is laced with rainbows and unicorns with a shake of fuckin' amazing.
  8. Wow that is fucked, never seen grit weed before but really what is the point? Just to add a little more weight, I mean if someone were to find out then you should probably pack your bags and move away cause you aren't getting anymore costumers and someone is bound to come kick your ass.

  9. On a small scale theres really no point, but if the growers are putting shit like this in the weed in large amounts, then giving it to the middle men, they could make alot more money.
  10. ur gay bro it happens

  11. Not true.
    Read the other thread about the guy talking about laced weed on the east coast.
  12. And that thread is just as ridiculous as any other claiming their weed is laced with anything. Outside of grit you're not going to get special stuff unless you pay extra for it.
  13. you live in colorado man, you would no nothing about this.
  14. so what its not like you can actually smoke the metal filings

    a plain bic doesnt get hot enuf to melt iron duh

    it be fine to smoke im telling y\a
  15. Years ago I did alot of research about grit weed, and to be honest I think that was a goverment scare. They were the ones who released the information, and may have tainted a few hundred pounds that they let go on the streets just so there was some actual cases for people to see. I could be wrong but that was my thought on the whole topic. I guess just be happy were not in the UK.
  16. Been all over, mate. I do know what I'm talking about.
  17. I just went through the first three pages of your everything you have ever posted man, and im going to have to say you dont. Looks like your just a loser living at home with mommy who isnt treated well by others, so comes on here to be a prick to people. Yes you may be doing us a favor and being a prick to these kids with stupid retarted questions, and i can appreciate that, but stop coming acting like you know whats up when you obviously dont. Have you read all the pages of my post ? within one day there were over 5 members from the eastcoast reporting that they have noticed this as well.
  18. Haha...Right.

    Anyway, you're always going to have people that claim their weed is laced...Fuck, we get about three threads every two weeks here with the same concern. It isn't practical to lace weed, unless, like I said, it is weighted with metal or glass. Even then the main concern is glass and not so much metal, 'cause if you can't see metal in your fuckin' weed you probably shouldn't be smoking.

    Let me break it down for you in a simple, short story.

    "Hey Tom!"
    "What up, Roger?"
    "I got an idea bro!"
    "What's that bud?"
    "We should take this 20 sack of bud and throw this 50 sack of *illicit substance* in it!"
    "Brilliant, Roger! We should do this to all of our sacks!"

    It simply does not make a shred of fuckin' sense.
  19. #20 Khronolus, May 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2011
    1. Lace it with something addictive.
    2. Get customers addicted by selling it for a period of time.
    3.Sell non-laced
    4. Profit
    5. Repeat steps 1-4

    Its a pretty easy deal man. You get just a few people into bad addictions with whatever it was laced with, and they fiend, they chase, they need. It's not unheard of for "illicit substance" dealers to give you the first bag free so that you get a chase going. Same thing goin on here.

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