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Laced shatter?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by hntr, May 8, 2016.

  1. SWIM was kinda drunk last night (about 6-7 shots) and decided to do some bottle dabs. SWIM did about 0.2 of a gram of shatter, but he bought the resealable package that the dealer had already opened. He thought it's only because the dealer chinced him.

    About 3 minutes after finishing 4 really milky hits SWIM had to sit down. He didn't talk or move for about 2 hours after and only told someone to turn down the music once. That was the highest SWIM had ever been, and felt like he had to sit there and focus on not dying.

    He could see bright visuals when his eyes were closed with a lot of random noises. He could open his eyes and see pretty normal but he felt dizzy. He didn't want to move at all during this time. He was really relaxed but focused on holding onto life if you know that feeling. He was not angry at all or tweaking.

    SWIM finally could open his eyes a couple hours later without feeling like his head was spinning, but then he puked 3 times.

    About half an hour later SWIM felt okay to drive home from the bonfire.

    Does that sound like they were laced or is it just drunk and high?

    Would it be safe for SWIM to use the rest of the shatter?
  2. It's not laced that's just a normal drunk and high feeling, (and swim is a lightweight )
  3. Cops don't give a fuck if you drank and smoke weed. Lmao you do not need to use 'SWIM'.

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  4. Wtf is SWIM? And it sounds like he was greening out. Shatter is pretty potent. I also don't think they would lace that because it would probably cost the dealer more money to do so. Seems pointless to me

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  5. lol this isn't a safe use forum bro I've never heard abbrv. SWIM here

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  6. You just got really fuckin high lol and fuck yeh you should use the rest bro why wouldn't you that sounded fun

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  7. It must be fun for kids to started 'laced' threads...

    Or, someone is spending their money to lace cannabis and sell it normal price.
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  8. Fuck off with that SWIM bullshit, nobody can tell you if its laced, from your description sound like your just a lightweight, but if you have to ask just toss it not worth the risk imo but I wont smoke oil that I didn't make regardless of quality.
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  9. I wasn't sure the last forum I had been on people were all about not "self incriminating. Wasn't sure about this one.
  10. Funny thing is, you could have listened to my advice on the exact same thread that you posted and then deleted after I told you just to search for posts with "laced", but instead you get to be embarrassed. :laughing:
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  11. Lol answers your question of why marijuana is labeled a psychedelic huh?

    Fuck man... i love the mini visuals from dabs. I know if im actually high because after X amount of dabs, my vision will be a bit altered like a bit blurry/fuzzy/sorta like my vision is tilted a bit.

    I had one OEV(opened eyed visiuals) from dabs. Its like the shadow people from stim binges. Out the corner of my eye i thought i saw a man in an all black suit with a trench coat. Then when i really looked at it. Actually it was a flowerpot on my neighbors porch. I was laughing because I finally had a hallucination from weed haha. Ill get mini CEVS of geo patterns but its very faint and its like a quick faint flash of color or dots. Thats it.

    One day, ima take a 4 month break. Eat like 750-1000 mg of thc in edibles and then dab like 3.5 gs of shattter or some a certain kind of hash... and trip out on marijauana. Lasts for like an hour or 2 of actual visuals.

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  12. My last thread got deleted by admin
  13. About to be the first marijuana OD :bongin:
  14. im sorry but are you dumb? You need to eat a lot of cannabis and smoke a shit ton to OD. you need intake ~40,000 cannabinoids in a span of like 10 minutes to od. People have taken 1000mg edibles.

    Have you never heard of any stoner bragging how you cant od on weed? Lol that was one of the first things i heard about when i just started ...

    and theres few trip reports on it.

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  15. Pretty sure he was being sarcastic. ;)
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  16. i hope ahaha i just dont like misinformation

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  17. Hey was a joke. I bet you feel ridiculous
  18. Just chill out lol nobody needs to tell me that weed can't kill cause I spend my days telling people that. It was an exaggeration, like "damn, after an eighth of dabs and 1000 mg of edibles, you'll be "dead""
  19. I actually know a guy that died directly from marijuana. He took several dabs then got struck by lightning. Think twice about injecting the marijuanas.
  20. yaaa i was on my adhd med that day... i tend to snap at ppl faster haha i felt like a dick like 10 seconds later. Sometimes you cant read exaggerations online bud ;)

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