Laced Or Not?

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  1. Whadd up my fellow stoners im here looking for answer Yoo. Okay here we go. So like two years ago on the fourth of July i decided I was gonna get my older brother Kushed Out(; but anyways we were getting our bottles and ish together for the night but I'm not much of a drinker i would rather smoke till I sleep then get sloppy hammered. So I'm like bro we gotta get some green too its the holiday we ain't got shit to do imma about to get you high lol. So I had picked up an 8th of this really dank or maybe laced weed idk yet, I'll get to it tho, but it was the greenest green I've ever seen in my life. It smelled like skunk and had a bunch of fine hairs on it or crystals. So I'm thinkin dang this is about to be fyre!! So the night comes and we got Smirnoff ice coolers and and a gram blunt, we watching the fire works on this bug ass hill smoking and drinking chilling. After the show was over we had to make out way back to the car and that consisted of walking down this big ass hill-.- so We got halfway to the car and my brother forgot his phone on the fucking hill. This chick we was with went back and found it. In the mean time me and my brother are discussing how good we feel and what not till she gets back.(now here's the weird part that freaked me out) but she came back and we started walking to he car. As SOON as I stepped on the sidewalk it was like I don't how to describe it but I swear everything sped up.!! Like I felt everybody was moving fast and things are gettin all weird and disorientated so the chick that had went back and got my brothers phone had yelled my name like "X why are you walking so fast"? And I told her I wasn't.. Like I felt like I was moving slow but my heart was racing but in reality I'm speed walkin looking like a nutcase. So she caught up and was checking to make sure I was good and she's like walk with me and I remember saying "okay we just needa get to he car that's all I wanna do". Idk if this is the alcohol and weed combination or if it was laced at this time I'm lost.(I drink and smoke at the same time but this was a different feeling) We get to the car and my brother just burst out in laughter... Like whats so funny you know? But I'm high so I'm laughing to hard as shit.. So were making our way to taco bell and were still laughing for like 5 mins straight kid you not. And my brother sticks his head out the window like I can't breathe from laughing soo I'm laughing like yea bro your good just breathe dude while he's hanging out the window laughing. We get to taco bell and out laughing spell was just about Over we eat and everything's good. After that our night went on but that's a whole nother story and this ones already a halter long but till this day I'm still tryna figure out what happened. How would you know if your weed is laced? What will happen after y smoke it, and what are like the feelings or how would you know if you just smoked laced weed?. I need some help guys talk to me folks!!
    -Could it have been the bud?
    Or Am I Just Stoned?-.-

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  2. No dealer is gonna lace your weed, it's not cost effective, and even then it's not an effective way to deliver much of anything.
  3. Yea Bro only thing is I didn't know him but my friend had picked up from him before it was weird bro!

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  4. no offense, but seriously we see this shit all the time on GC its either you cant handle the great herb or 1.get a new dealer, 2.stop freaking out, 3.stop smoking.
  5. I've been smoking for a few years now my dude nothing new

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  6. I stopped reading after I saw smirinoff
  7. Ive seen laced bud before and I doubt you had any.You just smoked some really dank bud is all.
  8. True. But I wouldn't say no dealer would. But most wouldn't.
  9. [quote name='"SmokeDojo"']I stopped reading after I saw smirinoff[/quote]

    I stopped reading after the first time is saw laced in the paragraph. Op just stop
  10. This happened 2 years ago. Let go of it already, it wasn't laced.

    Ps I stopped reading after you said "kushed out" from that, you're one of the stoners I am not a fan of.
  11. Yeah why can't people spell anymore
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    whats wrong with that? i also use that term to desribe how I feel after a long kushy day:wave:
  13. People over use it. More so all the punk kids who think they are bad ass because they smoke. just a pet peeve of mine.
  14. after a 1.5 g session and im noddin in and out surrounded by food on the couch not giving a single fuck whats on the tube feeling like im floating on a cloud,

    you may hear me say it but its reserved for the proper occasion, not just to be "cool" sounding. im normally alone about to go to bed when i say it anyway... and only if it was kush that out me in that state
  15. Bro I am sorry I am not reading all of that. But from your title I can tell you your weed was not laced. Nobody laces weed unless its their personal stash and that's how they like it, they hate you, or they're just a shitty dealer.
  16. You address yourself as a "stoner" but after reading your post I don't know how accurate that statement is. You realize that weed is far cheaper than most drugs, so why would anyone sell that drug+some weed for the price of only the weed?
  17. Damn everyone chill out attacking homie over here but answer your question if your weed was laced as an expirienced stoner I.e someone who has smoked before you should have been able to recognize small white fluffy cocain particles from thc crystals...second bro no offense but I once drank a smeirnoff....when I was 13....grow up and buy real beer dog or if you want to get your fruit on get some vodka and any fruity'll get fucked up and nobody will question your sexuallity
  18. Go bust a nut and smoke a blunt buddy I think I'm bafass cause I used kushed out?.. Your lame. You Blowin My High Peace

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  19. People do crazy shit now a days who knows bro take it easy shit peace dawg Fuggin with my high

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-
  20. Thank people tweaking for no damn reason can a a brotha enjoy his high? Shit Smoke something ppl

    Or Am I Just Stoned-.-

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