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Laced? or is this normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by codvx87, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, im a bit worried about what happened last night.. I got a bit drunk, had to 40's of 8% oe and a couple beer, all was good i was drunk, then we get back to this party and I smoke two bowls of my friends weed, chilled for 15 mins maybe 30, got up to the to the bar, and i was losing my vision by the time i was half way there i couldnt walk, had barely any vision, and started twitching like crazy for a good 15 mins, is this normal when mixing them? or could it have been laced? the others seemed fine thanks
  2. Not laced. You were just twisted
  3. hey man its totally normal, alcohol really messes with the high
  4. mixing alcohol and weed can be fucked up sometimes.

    I drink Vodka straight when i get drunk, and I had drank a lot of shots.
    So i was pretty wasted.

    Then i get some tokes of the ganja.

    I was too fucked, had no idea what the fuck was going on, felt ill
    and was on the couch rocking back and forward white as a sheet.

    Now normally i can handle my alcohol, and my weed.

    but that night mixing them was a bad mistake.

    Maybe the mix man:eek:
  5. thanks for the responses, it was sooo f'd i never wanna hit that again, i felt like i was done for
  6. First time I got drunk then smoked - the world looked like the "V-Hold" on a TV set was messed up. It just kept flipping, untill I spewed everywhere lol
    You were just really fucked up man. Next time smoke - then drink;)
  7. yea, exactly like that, and my vision kept peering upwards involuntarily weed is a helluva drug :p
  8. Yeah man it's just the alcohol i don't dare drink and smoke together after i ended up doing a strip tease for the whole party and throwing up 4 times from dizziness :(
  9. claiming bud is laced = such a buzz kill
  10. any breathing problems?
    sounds like a bit of a panic attack.
  11. considering everyone else was fine, i highly doubt it was laced. Honestly how many stories have you heard where it turns out the weed really was laced? What dealer out there is taking the time to lace his shit? 9/10 the end of the story is "youre right i was just too fucked up" youre taking in random amounts of 2 different substances. Its not like medicine where you are taking a measured dose. you are taking in a random amount of an inebriating substance that you cant always know the effects of until you already have it in you. Sometimes shit just doesnt sit right for a number of reasons. I wouldnt worry too much about it, it happens to everyone once in a while. You just look at it like a learning experience, try and figure out what may have caused it so that you can prevent it in the future.

    I have yacked twice from being too fucked up. both times i looked back found what i believe to be the cause and i am more cautious when i decide to get fucked up in the future. Id rather learn from it then be scared to try again.
  12. you wish that shit was laced. gl being a n00b though.
  13. #13 BigTrees, Jan 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 18, 2010
    two 40's of malt and a couple beers would leave me HOUSEd and i'm going to guess by the post that i'm about ten years older and at least 80 lbs bigger (there is nothing wrong with being young. hell, i'm older... you want to trade ages? i'm down)

    you didn't get anything laced unless you bought it

    it makes no sense in any capacity to "lace" weed with the usual suspects, like PCP and freebase (which can both be smoked or used to lace weed.... but never are...)

    people sell drugs to make money

    no money would come from lacing random sacks of trees unless there is some sort of increase in price

    or of course you're getting hooked on his drugs and coming back to him like a fiend with stolen wallets (laugh)

    you were hammered, hoss

    two forties of malt a a couple beers is a shitload of booze

    there was almost certainly nothing laced in your weed
  14. Theres a reason Old English is so cheap, it is fucked. It will mess with you like mad, next time save your 6 bucks and pitch on some weed.
  15. 80 ounces of 8% malt liquor, two more beers and then smoking herbs = Spin city

    Smoke before you drink, you'll be better off. I rarely drink any alcohol and it's not to get drunk that's for sure.
  16. man i see threads about laced bud allllllll the time, but i mean would someone reeeeeeally waste money put drugs on your weed?

  17. This .

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