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laced? or greened out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongtoker420o, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. okay so i dont have that big of a tolerence built, and last nite i smoked 3 bowl packs of sour disel, and i got it from a place where someone told me on the news they saw that there was a warning that weed from where i got it could be laced. and any way i smoked 3 bowl packs of that then smoked a blunt of some mid-grade, after a while i started to feel really friggen high, i mean my eyes where SO red, redder then ive ever seen them, then i started to feel tired, and sick, my body almost felt like it was falling threw my bed (really wierd feeling), so after a while i just went to sleep, i dont even remember going to sleep, then i woke up at like 5am this morning, anyway my question to you is was it laced or did i just green the fuck out?:confused:
  2. oh and i forgot to mention, i still felt sick for well-over the normal 'high"'s 2 hour high, i mean i smoked at 8:00 and sill felt this way at 11:00

  3. You pretty much answered your own question. You have 0 tolerance and smoked probably a gram+ of dank bud. It wasn't laced. Your chance of getting laced weed is almost 0
  4. Sounds like you got damn near poisoned by the lacedness..... Hahahaha
  5. Yea bro. Its economics. You dont put expensive drugs in cheaper drugs and sell it for the price of the cheaper drug.
  6. yeah but i paid like 10$ for .7-1 gram of the sour disel, i duno if thats cuz it is dank and costs more or if its cuz its laced???
  7. word.:smoke:
  8. 10 a g if its actually sour d is a pretty decent price. Around me the fabled stuff can go for 20 a g

  9. a gram of dank usually goes for $20 (around here at least). Iceman is right, the entire concept of lacing weed doesn't make any sense. They have to buy the weed for x amount and then buy the other drug for x dollars and then they sell it to you at standard price. How are they making money?
  10. well the guy had friggen 1 whole bag with like 100 1 gram bags inside it, and he had another whole bag of kush with like 100 1 gram bags inside of it and he asked me which i wanted and i said fuckit ill get the sour D since ive always herd that its one of the best strains out there.:smoke:
  11. oh and one other thing i forgot to mention is the reason im so scared is cause believe it or not ive smoked laced bud before, i bought it at normal price from some random guy i met like 5 minutes before i bought the weed from him, it looked like shwag, and the high was really different then the normal high, and like 2 days after that i got drug tested and they found marijuhana and "opiates" in my system i dont pop pills so... but that was a while back
  12. Yeah he will make a butt fuck ton more money selling like that.


    If your selling 10 a g then an 8th is probably 30


    It doesn't seem like a lot but if you're selling quite a bit it adds up super fast
  13. Well low tolerance combined with some dank as shit like sour will get you pretty damn high, especially smoking three bowels of it, so it sounds like you were just pretty damn high.
  14. You didn't even greenout that hard bro. But its because you have no tolerance.
    How do you smoke a bowel???

  15. You can eat a poppy seed bagel and have opiates detected in your system during a drug test. I seriously doubt you got laced weed.
  16. yeah i thought that too, cause thats what every1 on this website told me the day it happened, but a couple seeds wouldn't cause a large amount to show up in your system would it? cause they said i had a large amount of opiates in my system, they said i was really close to ODing, thank god i didnt smoke the other bag of it....

  17. Doesn't make any sense to me... Could be so many things....

    Synthetic opiates, straight opium, you got a bad test, they mixed up tests with someone else?, you took a pill that you didn't know was an opiate, etc...
  18. sounds like youre not happy with your product. send me all your remaining sour d, and i will fight your demons for you
  19. That doesn't really sound like tar heroin, but the opiate in the test thing is leading me to believe that it could be that your bud is being laced with some strong painkiller. Maybe something like oxy codone, but I doubt anyone would go to that trouble. You most likely just got high as fuck.
  20. Did you think of it being laced before you used it or any other paranoia, it's just weed.

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