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Laced mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DOUBLE, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. so people arent exactly answering my question..can you get a better high from lacing weed with cocaine?...and im not stupid, i know your supposed to snort coke, so dont start sayin dumb bs like that.
  2. why would you wanna lace your weed? if you wanna do coke then snort it, and smoking coke doesn't do much at all from what ive herd but if you really wanna do coke snort it
    but lacing weed in my opinion is dumb
  3. no shit itll give you a better high it doesnt do that it give you a different high you get high off the coke more then the bud so im guessing its a high like if you snorted coke...your retarded for trying to sell laced weed FAG!
  4. coco puffs will never be as good as legit high chronic.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that you're don't really get that high, something like heated powder cocaine doesn't really give off an effect or something like that. Crack would though or something. I think regardless it's a waste of money. Snort coke, smoke weed, don't smoke crack.
  6. smoking cocaine is a waste the effects are quite minimal that is why there is crack, dumbass (op).
    and do you know how expensive cocaine is? youd never make any money if you put it in your bud. youd lose quite a bit of money.
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  8. its annoying when people say that all weed smokers do hard drugs... ive only smoked bud and ill never do a hard drug i hate hard drugs if i found out my beautiful ganja was laced with coke or somthing i dont know what i would do lol i would be PISSED
  9. Wow. Your an idiot. If you want to do coke, man up and cut a line.
  10. yes you can, but i dont recommend it
  11. U cant smoke coke. U need it in freebase ie crack. I have never tried that shit though
  12. Go away. Fuck.
  13. What the hell is wrong with you guys?

    Can you explain to me where it sais that all cannabis users boonk?

    I beg to differ.......

    The level of ignorance in this thread is amazing me... While its true this thread should be in Pandora's box, its totally unnecessary to call him names and to talk about something you have no idea about(not directed at everyone). Plus where the FUCK does he say hes selling it to other people without telling them? God some people are so fucking stupid........
  14. Ya dude for sure. Fuck hard drugs. For me it's straight up ganja and alcohol. :hello:
  15. ive smoked a couple bowls sprinkled with coke, IMO just cut it up and take a few bumps, much better high
  16. laced weed is whack, so is crack. i dont snort b/c i love weed. i just dont want to try that shit i sttarted popin and snorting a lot then i got depressed more often so i stoped
    now im happy lol! herb is pure

  17. wared he sayin any thing bout tryin to sell that fool?

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