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Discussion in 'General' started by Plex420, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. ok i got this stuff from a black guy.Its real pale green and it looks like shake but its hard as fuck.Preety smelly and pretty sticky.I dk but it keeps me high sooo long its crazy.IDK if it was laced or not the guy said it wasnt but i dk.Is their anway to tell?
  2. Not from that description, doesnt sound like it though. Was the high real crazy? how'd you feel after smoking?
  3. It sounds like compressed dank. Just smoke less man.

    EDIT: It doesnt matter if hes black anyway....
  4. heh i was gonna day that same thing, who cares the color of his skin, all that matters is the green

    btw, didnt sound laced to me, from the minimal info you gave us
  5. i just meant i didnt know him.I did not mean it like that lol im not raciest.And the high is kinda like stoney but at the same time i dont wanna pass out.And also it kinda feels like shits crawlin on me sometimes but i cant visulize anything on my skin.And also i like see the faintest red and bluje squares flashing everywhere sometimes.Like there so faint though.
  6. I stiil think its good weed man. People rarely lace anything. And if it was laced with anything cheap I think youd smell it, or taste it or something.
  7. ya i think youre right.good shit.
  8. From your description it just sounds like you had the most you've ever had before and are'nt really used to that different kind of high. So sounds likes some regular weed to me man. Toke on!
  9. all right ill hit the next bowl i pack for you guys :)
  10. how long have you been smoking? i'd say that youre just getting a real good high

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