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  1. So this past winter is when I when I got high for the first time. It took me about five or six smoking sessions to succeed in getting high. Anyway, to the point..
    I'd been buying some pretty nice bud from this guy who for some reason I never really liked. I bought a couple dimes and dubs from him, and I smoked with him I think twice. And sometime in January my friends and I were in the mood for a joint or five. (We'd been smoking bowls and bongs until that time.)
    I should preface this with how stupid I'd always thought buying pre-rolled joints was, for danger of being laced. I did it anyway. Oops.
    So for 15 bucks and two 500 mg Vicodins, we got two joints. One skinny, one fatty. The skinny one got the three of us flying high the first night, (there was about a gram or so of some pretty quality weed in it) This joint gave me my first high. I thought it was awesome. (This one wasn't laced.)
    Next morning just my bro Jason and I (Our friend left night before.) decided to share the fatty. This thing got me soaring, much higher than the night before. It was a bit snowy that day, as well as extremely cloudy and foggy. I thought I was in a fucking dream. I loved every second of it. Euphoria. I was far too high to notice that Jason was having the worst high of his life, (My bro and friends had been high many times before this weekend) he kept saying "Dude, dude. I'm gonna puke man. Or die, whatever comes first." Then there's me trippin my ass off- "What man? Just relax, it's all good, you're just hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh." Then I kinda just went off into my little snowy dream world outside. Looking back on it I do feel a bit asshole-ish.
    Luckily for my brother our sober friend Luke came over, looked at me and just laughed at seeing how high I was, and was starting to figure out something was wrong with Jason. Luke's always a little paranoid, is always the first to assume something is laced, etc. Anyway since I was high as a kite and enjoying every second of it, Luke was guessing the joint wasn't laced, probably just Jason smoking more than he's used to.
    So a couple weeks ago I come to find out from my friend Ricky, (the one who smoked skinny with us) that fatty was laced with quite a bit of coke, and that's why it was as fat as it was. And also why Jason was having such a hard time standing up. I wasn't too surprised, because it was unlike any other high I'd ever had, though luckily for me I was able to enjoy it unlike Jason. Only about 80-90% of it was weed. The rest was coke and whatever cut the coke. (This is just me assuming the coke was cut, I highly doubt that the kid who sold us these joints had pure cocaine on him.) So that whole time I thought I was as high as the heavens just from having some dank, I was really tripping on weed and coke. I believe the mixture is called white rhino?
    Anyway it did piss me off a bit, ESPECIALLY since he didn't tell us, I've had a few confrontations with this guy since then, and I proudly no longer buy from him or smoke with him.
    Anyone else here had a similar experience?
  2. kick his fucking ass?

    thats what id do...
  3. whaterver kid. to put white in a joint then sell it is retarded. it would have cost you the 15 bucks for a fat line, let alone dirt weed and some pills. and smoking coke isn't that kind of feeling.
  4. hahaha. "white rhino"
  5. soooo..........

    nothing productive to add to the convo????


    thats what i thought.....:rolleyes:

    I've never had coke laced weed.... but good decision not to buy from him.......
  6. He's actually laughing at how stupid you sound because White Rhino is a strain of bud not Weed & Coke.

    But appearently speaking too soon never loses it's comedic effects
  7. Sorry, Gimmemore... but there really isn't anything productive to add to this conversation... Dude broke rule number ONE when it comes to buying pot off the street... You never buy shit that's pre-rolled, and pretty much for exactly that reason... you have no idea what the fuck is in it.

    Someone who is [fill in the blank] enough to buy pre-rolled joints from a dealer is pretty much asking - better yet, BEGGING - for serious trouble. If you sit down with a bag of herb and a pack of joint papers, in 10 minutes or so you can learn how to roll your own shit, and avoid all this (potentially life-threatening) trouble.

    I smoked a joint with some powder on it once... although willingly. I always knew that I wanted to try coke ONCE, and never do it again... so on my 18th bday, a trusted friend hooked me up w/a gram of some butter.

    I got a totally different effect. Cocaine - for whatever reason - does not give me any pleasureable effects at all, whether I smoke it OR snort it... so smoking it on a joint was probably the dumbest thing I ever did. I couldn't feel anything from the coke, and it completely canelled out the weed high... so while everyone else there was all fucked up and having fun, I was sitting there feeling sober as hell, and angry that I couldn't get high.

    Coke is wack... stick to the weed and you'll live a long life. Keep buying from shady dealers and you'll end up like Heath Ledger.
  8. yeah some gay as wigger kids at my school think "chronic" and "white rhino" are synonymous in meaning as slang for coke-laced weed, damn they're stupid.

  9. he wasn't laughing at me........ i didn't say
  10. I don't understand why people don't just rail their coke. I've heard of people lacing weed with coke a lot but never felt the need to do it myself.

  11. so why would you even begin to talk
  12. dude you should have asked, white rhino is a slang term at least where i'm from for laced weed, and it is a name of a strain
  13. Around my way its called turbo
  14. I think Chronic is the term for coke+weed on the East Coast.

    On the West Coast, Chronic is like... dank nug (not a specifically strain.)
  15. I thought the only way to smoke coke was freebasing it? and it wouldnt work any other way if it wasnt in a crack form
  16. I believe what you smoked was chronic. I've never heard anybody call weed laced with coke white rhino
  17. pshh id be happy as hell to buy from him again, he gave you a woo-banger at the price of a joint, Nothing wrong with a nice coke high. I smoked a woo-banger yesterday I was fucked up
  18. Yeah, because dealers give away cocaine.

  19. dude your shit wasnt laced at all. you just got really high cuz it was fat joint. cocaine has to be freebased to be smoked. if you just put it in a joint almost all of it will burn away, you might get a little numb in your mouth but you certainly wont get high off it, especially if it was only 15-20 percent coke, that would all burn and be wasted. besides the high you described so nothing at all like coke. (in a pakistani voice) thank you come again!
  20. honestly, the terminology issue is irrelevant and anytime talking about it is silly. its good to explain to him what you belive the term to mean but no need to degrade him for his interpretation. Not everyone studies weed and coke and understands every term.

    Im not sure if i should congradulate u on the joint or be sorry for u. U did say u felt euphora so that sounds good. but on the other hand u prolly, as deezy said, was just super high.

    Either way the lesson you/we all learned here is to not buy pre-rolled joints. learn to roll your own man, its not only fun, but if you roll a good joint you can make a respectable name for yourself. I practiced in my room until i got it perfect. Then i went to a few parties and now i literally get free weed every now and then from friends just to roll their joints. its a great way to bum weed while still doing something productive. Here are a few links to joint rolling techniques to start you off even though u should created your own distinct style:

    Good luck m8.

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