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Laced Cannabis putting the pieces together PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nj2eastbay, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hello people. Before any bashing of anykind begins let me state my case. I am a 32 year old from east coast, and have been smoking for 15 years, and on a daily basis for about 6-7 give or take. I have a SUPERIOR knowledge of cannabis. Being from the eastcoast you would think that statement is bold, but after having several grows, and having smoked numerous street strains on the eastcoast and the moving out to the bay area and working for WORLDS top medical marijuana dispensary for past few years.I can tell you that my knowledge of cannabis is most likely above and beyond MOST of the people on this fourm. Now that is said, I will start to slowly break in down for you, and please excuse the grammer and run on sentances.

    Ive grown up in the eastcoast, NYC/NJ area. Where we have a very hiphop based community(which i have been part of since i was a kid) We dont have alot of the cool sublime/bob marley/kottonmouth king loving smokers, however most kids are attracted to the lifestyle via hiphop music and movements.

    In the eastcoast people really dont know weed well, most dont know anything about strains, lineage, curing, or for that matter any idea how this plant grows.

    They do know what they are told in the hiphop music, and in the "streets".Around my way people only know bud by these names for the most part. Regs,mids,dirts,arie,arizona,dro,chronic,haze,piff,purple haze, purp, kush,fire, sour, sour diesel, and those are the main things going around for the most part.

    Now dont get it twisted, im not saying these are the only things on the street, because theres good headband, og, bubba, gdp and all that in the streets but most dont know whats what. we will get to that later

    Ok, now on to who sells the weed out here, Out here its sad to say, but the majoirty of bulk weed is in the hands of the gangs, and not business men like it was years ago or how it still is in other parts of the country. Most of the weed is either coming from Canada, Cali, Florida, or grown around the way. Now when im saying bulk weed im talking 100's of lbs. Weather these gangs are getting it straight from the growers, or have middle men I dont know. But i can tell you they are the ones holding the masses of weight.If your not familiar with gang stucture than this will be hard for you to understand, but i mean the weed stays in there hands from the leader who brings in the 100 p's to the blood on the block selling dubs on the corner.

    with that being said lets get into gangs in the east coast a bit, now agian. for the normal civialized never lived in a hood before white people this is going to be hard to understand but please keep an open mind. East coast gangs run differnt than westcoast gangs and i will leave it at that because i dont wana touch the subject of west coast gang culture because i dont know ALL about it, but i can tell you in the east with all this gang shit being new the cats got it a little twisted. its all about money power and takes on more of a racial tone.


    who buys the fire high grade weed in NYC/NJ you ask ? I will tell you the majoirty is not the black community, its the white kids with the money, and yes a few black kids+ other races get there hands on it too, but most people with low income arent smoking dank out here, there smoking that arie, or arizona, regs, mids all of that, mabey even some CA beasters. the cheap shit,The suburban kids with the nice house over there heads have the money to spend on the high grade, kush, sour, and piff by the q half or z.

    to the fucking point

    I have numerous reasons to belive that the majority of bulk weed in the gangs hands has been contaminated in some sort of way, this is where i wana be very careful, because I nor anyone else really knows whats being done to the weed, or what its being laced with, but something is going on and i have proof.

    Whats my proof ?

    As i stated before i have been smoking for 15 years and have working a medical dispensary in bay so i have seen the best of both worlds. I have seen over 100's of types of street bud on the eastcoast, and 100's of strains directly from the growers on the west coast, and have had several grows myself, and can tell you theres a obvious differnce in the quality of the weed, however also a total differnce in the high of the weed.

    Before i moved to the bay area i had started to feel like there was something going on because i was hearing it in the MUSIC !, yes i said it, these gang cats are talking about it in the fucking open thru hiphop music.

    I will in the future provide songs so you guys can hear the quotes for yourself, but you hear things such as

    " i aint even let me shit dry before i p it up"
    "i dont mind adding a liter of water, to even an order"
    "dont smoke a blunt, unless u breakin the weed up n rolling it up urself, cuz ur own brother might hand you some DUST"

    these are just 3 examples i could think of in 10 seconds so you guys can see the point.

    The other proff i have is just smoking some of this shit myself man. I cant tell you how many times i have bough half oz's of sour , or piff, and have eaither thrown it away or had to sell it to someone who really didnt care, because i belive it to be tainted.

    Why did i think it was tainted ?

    on a few diff occasions differnt things were happening.

    1. Dank looking shit,(sour diesel,haze) was not getting me one drop high. Im talking smoke a 2 gram blunt to the face and nothing.

    2. Ive had shit that has made me break out and itch like a savage, and during my younger years i had this happen without realizing it was coming from the weed, and procedded to pick and itch at my scalp causing it to get scabby and bleed.

    3. I have smoked perfectly fine looking shit, that has put me into yawning fits, and not it wasnt some magical indica i couldnt handle, something was fucked with this shit. I had friends smoke it with the same thing happening to them.

    4. The texture and smell, this is another biggggg factor. bud would look amazing A+ grade, but then you open the bag and smell NO turpines whatsoever, however it would have some sort of differnt smell, almost synthetic like, and as far as texture, fuck man east coast is the home of wet weed, im talking you would find amazingly grown grandaddy purple, and sour diesel problly from cali, almost damp like, and as i stated before people around here dont know what to expect from weed for the mostpart, so alot of them think its a good thing, they dont understand tha trichs should b sticky or dry depending on freshness and not wetish dampish like most of the high grade is around here.

    5. The high. everything and im talking everything (except one occasion which i will mention later) that ive ever smoked in my 3 years in the bay got me high, and had me feeling good im talking all differnt grades here to. when i first moved down and was low on cash i was smoking the 25 dollar regie eigths from berkely patients group and that shit would get me happy feeling.Now lets take it back to the was rare that i would feel a medicated happy good feeling from the tree. It would give off a more distorted, fuckedupness,stupidness,blankness of a high and im talking all diff types of strains here, agian the gdp, the haze, the sour indica or sativa u would feel the same sort of high.

    ok onto what i think could possibly going down.

    the thing to rember here is gangs dont giveee a fuckkkkk, they will shoot somone over oweing them 5 bucks, and are evil money motivated motherfuckers.

    Lets start with the easiest, and most possible malice

    1. glycerine

    A few times after purchasing this wetish weed i would let it out to dry for a few hours, sometimes it would get completely dry and almost turn into dust if you press it, othertimes no matter how long you let it sit out, it would never loose its formable texture.

    and after breaking down buds my fingers would never be coated with resin (althought very apparent on the nug) although they would b coated in like some sort of oil. i would rub my fingers togethor and it would just have this light oily texture. This is what i belive to be possibly glycerine.

    now if this is what it is i dont know how they go about applying to the bud in the mases, but this would make sense and glycerine is water, and water holds weight, more weight more money. add a little water weight and a half oz becomes and oz, imagine doing that with 100 lb's ! what could have been sold for 100k can now be sold for 200k by " doubleing up" the weight.

    This is also a term used very much in east coast based hiphop by the gang rappers.

    This makes sense and is the most humane of the posibilitys.

    I can also say when smoking some wetish OG, or sour, or GDP. it has a watered down flavor, with almost a fishyish kinda taste to it.

    now to the other very serious possiblity.

    2. lacing the weed with liquid drug formulas.

    Why you ask ?

    agian remeber whos buying the weed . The kids that are from the suburbs or well off for the most part, eaither them or there family has to be making good money to afford an oz a 500 a month(eastcoast prices) and agian the majority of these kids are WHITE

    back to the gangs there almost like black supremiscit and you can hear in the music, and how they use strong psycology(game) with there customers to get into becoming pheens for drugs.

    why do you ask ?

    uprising for the black people( and im all about that btw, just not how there doing it)

    lets get to the point here

    i belive the gangs could be lacing the weed with drug solutions that would cause kids to pheene for weed, making them blow thru stashes quicker,which inreturn is more profits.

    the other reasoning for lacing with liquid drug solutions is to get them addicted to another drug, becaus in the eastcoast, weed dont make alot of money, but the coke, herion and pills do.

    so lace some bud up with some of those things and soon u have kids who were just normal weed smokers , needing something harder and falling into other drugs.

    now with all the money bs behind,let get back to back community upliftment. I can tell you for the most part these gang members with kids care about them and want a better world for them, and want them to have positive futures and wealthy ones.

    whos got the jobs and money right now in america ? the white people

    so lets kill off there stupid children, a generation which is a slave to media and hiphop, lets kill these kids or paralize there future so that our kids have a better chance,

    i would compare this with like the New world order type of thing, controlling the population with malice

    out here id say deff 1-5 kids smoke weed, and 1-20 smoke on a daily basis

    so if this was a fact that they were lacing the weed, imagine the devistation.

    Im going to have to re write this agian, and summerize it and make it more valid, but i just felt the need to get the word out and get peoples mind flowing because im telling you something is up, I will tell you with all honesty i dont know exactly whats going on, but its something weither money motivated or really to hurt the well off population i dont know

    but something is going on,and im sure of THAT !

    BTW i am now back on the eastcoast, and it has been 3 years, and when i dared to get bud from dealers out here SHIT HAS NOT CHANGED. so for the meantime im smoking some regular arizona weed that i know is not touch with anything, and naturally grown, and at same time will not be smoking any of this fucked up shit when im out here.

    the first week i came home i asked a friend in the city(very wealthy potsmoker) to hook me up with something. he brought me some nice bubba, shit smelled nice, tasted decent, but after smoking it my throat was TORE up and lips were swolen.

    somethings up, and i really care about this kids. they dont know beter, and are under the worst influces possible

    please contact me if you have any of the same belifs or understandings because i cant do this alone. I need you help, we need to start by educating the youth, and from there mabey getting samples of this buds to proferssors at Colombia or nyu and start testing it for inpurites.

    If by chance you did read this whole ramble, thanks for careing enough to keep going, this is not a joke and is real. I hate school and writing and would have not gone throught the past hour contrinually typing this if i didnt feel there was an issue.

    LEGALIZE IT ! and take it out of the hands of these KILLERS ! and into the hands of HEALERS !
  2. Wow. That's amazing I kinda see where you coming from and I've noticed the weed is different here too.
  3. #3 Cyrax, May 13, 2011
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    Weird theory although a possibilty, im from north jersey. But the funny thing is i get my stuff from serious gang member. Not gonna name the gang but its a serious well known gang that every one knows. Any ways i get a nice hook up to nice dank nugs with somewat legit strain names. You just gotta know them well enough to get the awsome nugs, and be carefull when dealing with gangs it can get very dangerous.

    Currently trying to find a new connect, ive been trying to avoid the gang world. But like you said the gangs control the mj trade
  4. summarize and ill come back. lol
  5. I tried read it but I lost you when you started talking in weird "gangsta" terms.
  6. #6 DDV, May 13, 2011
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    Wall of text

    Blades who've already read it, is it worth the read? I'll come back and check ya'lls responses later lol
  7. I realized how long this is and there definately needs to be a TLDR explanation either at the bottom of the OP or a post haha
  8. Read the first couple paragraphs then came down to see if anyone else had summed it up for me..
  9. I think you're just thinking too much into it. Some of what you said makes sense and I have thought some of the same. I've picked up wet bud before and it sucked.

    I've never had any reactions to smoking. Just the usual effects of use.

    I don't think there's a huge conspiracy.

    Now saying that white people are the ones getting the jobs nowadays is just ignorant. Sounds like bitterness to me.
  10. #10 1llB3back, May 13, 2011
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    I know exactly what you are talking about. There's been times where I've gotten half O's and I smelled it and was like "hmmm I don't know about this one". Needless to say, me being retarded, I continued to smoke it. I honestly think there is a lot of sprayed shit out here on the east coast too. I am always trying to get the shit that isn't like that because I don't want to be inhaling windex or something.

    The government would say, well yeah stop smoking weed. But the truth is, we smoke. This is what we do, okay? We are cannabis smokers and nothing is going to change that. Make it legal so we don't continue to fuck up our equivalent of a glass of scotch. Prohibition days will tell you the story.

    There was a story about a man who sent alcohol he bought to a lab for purity testing. The chemist came back to him and said "Your horse has diabetes." This is true (Digital History) and it shows how poor the quality of alcohol back then sometimes was. This is true for today in the cannabis industry. There is so much shit out there that people really shouldn't be smoking. If we want to continue the notion and truth that marijuana can be good for you, we need to get our shit straight. I'm sick of these fucking ******s (n words) fucking with our shit. I'm sorry for the word choice, but it's fucking true. If anything, every self respecting African-American man would agree with me. They make a bad name for the Black community.

    Legalize it, make sure it's safe, and give the public what they fucking want.
  11. You should probably move
  12. Also, I consider myself to be extremely affluent in the cannabis trade around here. I live in northern New Jersey, but have gotten my weed straight from Cali (friends), Vermont, NY, Canada, and obviously Mexico. There has been some homegrown shit I've had too. Everything from schwag to the dankest. I know what I am talking about. Luckily, my current dealer is a bro and I am very trust worthy of him. He picked up a P of some Cali Tree so for the past month I've been straight. But I can't tell you how many times I've questioned my herb.

  13. Some of us can't move out or don't want to. Everyone to their own. But please, just get us some straight weed man!
  14. Cali guy poppin' in here.

    Theory makes sense, imho. OP is right that gangs don't care. idk about the New World Order part, but the weight and the greed and the lacing are all true from what i've seen. Makes perfect sense to lace it with something that is addictive if you are making your money off it. Coca-Cola was an early example of corporate lacing.

    Overall, i think this is a perfectly valid argument in favor of legalization and medical dispensaries. If you spent time in the Bay, i would assume you've heard of Steep Hill Laboratories? Maybe not b/c they are relatively new. They do COMPLETE analysis for not only THC, CBN, CBD, Mold, Mildew, etc but also for adulterants. Full Spectral or gas chromo analysis.
  15. I read most of it and got bored man, we've got a really similar problem here, although it's much less technical, more just the street guys who put either cat piss or deodorant to add weight/make it look nicer or whatever.
    I only really trust it if it's straight from the grower or straight from Dam to be honest...

  16. Just for the record Fl has awesome weed
  17. For the people asking for a summary,

    He's is stating, and defending, his theory that east coast weed is being tainted as a malicious class warfare by the (mostly) black gang community against white suburban kids.

    He says this is possible because the gangs control all the bulk weed and he proposed possible motives for lacing the weed.

    There's the tl:dr, but it is a well written argument and I recommend reading it.
  18. He gives the argument that it is possible that race is a motivating factor, but MONEY is probably the cause, imho.
  19. Although his New World Order theory is kinda outlandish, I do believe a lot of the other things he said or agree with them.
  20. Still a valid argument for legalization, imho.

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