Labiaplasty - Really?? WTF??

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  1. Just read an article about how labiaplasty on teens under 18 was up 83%. Really?

    I don't understand why any female would want to do something like that unless there was physical discomfort. But to just make your lady bits look "better" is so far over me head I just can't even fathom it.

    I can speak for myself and most if my friends in that never did I ever turn down a pussy because it was "ugly". They all look different and one of the best lays I ever had was by a girl with what would be described as huge "meat curtains".

    What am I missing here?
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  2. There will always be insecure people using plastic surgery to fit the norm.
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  3. There's a documentary on it. It's no different than a boob-job IMO.

    But I agree I wouldn't turn down any snatch for over or under-sized roast beef. Blue waffle is a deal breaker all day though.
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  4. wtf are they doin changing up their junk before they are even 18
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  5. Lots of girls get fake tits before 18 or for their 18th bday. Who gives a shit, everyone has a right to do what they want with their bodies.
  6. i mean i dont really give a shit but it's just surprising to me to do it so young.

    body still growin and whatnot
  7. Also, the statistic is that labiaplasty is up 83% in teens under 18. You need to consider how many teens are actually getting these procedures done to begin with. Maybe it's only a couple of procedures per year, in which case, even 2-3 more would shoot that rate up.
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  8. makes sense.

    you can make statistics sound however you want if you phrase them the right way.
  9. My question is what parents are saying yes to this? And what doctor is like, let's slice off some of your vagina to make it look sexier?

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  10. This is America man. There is always SOMEONE doing things other won't comprehend.

    I'm telling you, in 10-20 years labiaplasty will be as common as implants, and not as taboo as you see it now.
  11. It's this hyper sexualized feminine world we live in.

    Better than boob jobs for sure, I like them zippers
  12. The true numbers were something like 220 to 400. Not a huge number, but still a lot. According to the article, it is expected to rise.

    I don't know that it is taboo as much as just unneeded. I always figured if a girl was going to let me see it, I better not bitch about it.

    Can't really compare it to boob jobs as those are something people can see on a daily basis. My wife's youngest sister had a boob job when she was in her mid 20's, but that was to fix a lopsided issue (Left was a C, right a small B). I understand some females need the boobs to make them feel normal, but again, people can see them and appreciate them (although I am not a fan of playing with them).
  13. I know a couple of girls that are really self conscious about this. One girl I dated would only let me go down on her with the lights off because she had some roast beef going on. Apparently it's pretty common, so maybe these women just want to feel normal when they drop their panties for some dude.
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  14. Never once had a chick seem self conscious about her lips. Had one that was self conscious about her butt and it took some comforting to get her doggy lol...but other than that

    My Journal
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  15. That's crazy, before 18? Her kitty not even mature yet! Vaginas continue to change over time just like the rest of the human body. Besides men don't care what it looks like long as it smells good, taste good, gets wet and works
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  16. Wowwww people need to just accept a vagina for what it is.
    I thought I had huge labia when I was young. But through life experience, found that they were actually pretty normal. And if they weren't... you bet your sweet ass I wouldn't cut them in half! Jesus christ.
    They need to stop watching so much porn and stop listening to fuck boys.
    Too little too late in suppose. It's sad, really.
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  17. Once I was really flabbergasted when some chicks told me how gross they thought uncircumcised dicks were. I was a little pissed because I'm uncircumcised and I'm just like "a dick that's whole and un-mutilated is gross?". Like WTF?

    Maybe they just dated guys with horrible hygiene habits :laughing:
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  18. I was horrified when I first saw an uncircumcised dick... lol
    I didn't know that that was what they all naturally look like. No one told me.
    But as long as they're clean, it's just skin. Ya know? I have never been with an uncircumcised man before however.
  19. Yeah it's probably just because so many dudes are circumcised that it seems like the norm. Once it's hard though I don't really see the practical difference. XD
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  20. For a long time in the states it was standard practice to perform it right after birth. They stopped at some point this century and now you have to pay to have it performed on your kid. And yes there are reasons for doing it nowadays it's just not covered universally by healthcare that's the real reason tbh.

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