Labcorp Nj Quick Fix 5.7-1 Batch F2A-13

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  1. Whats up everyone?  So I was looking all over the internet to see if I could find information on using Quick Fix 5.7-1 in a New Jersey LabCorp.  I could not find anything, and feel like I should share my story for future users of Quick Fix.  However, I am still awaiting lab results, and am still nervous.
    I heard so much good things about Quick Fix, and since I had not smoked in over 2 weeks and still could not pass a drug test, it seemed like the most logical choice. 
    To keep the secrecy of which LabCorp I went to, I will only say it was in central Jersey.
    Morning of test I drank a shit load of water and a Rely Detox drink just incase something went terribly wrong during the test, I could fall back onto something.  I followed instructions, and put Quick Fix in microwave for 10 seconds.  Guess my micro was a bit stronger than others cause I got no temp reading but Quick Fix was very warm.  Waited a few minutes and started to get reading of around 99-100 degrees F.  About 15 minutes prior I opened up my hand warmer to let it heat up.  Rubberbanded it to the Quick Fix, wore some tightey whiteys and boxer briefs that day (yes both) and stuck the Quick Fix under my nuts in the underwear and was off to the lab.  I had heard that if you keep quick fix close to your body it will stay warm and around body temp.
    Got to the lab went in the bathroom to check the reading.  Just around 98 degrees F.  Perfect.  Checked in at the office waited about 10-20 mins until it was my time and then it came.  2 Lab workers dressed in white lab coats took my info and completed the whole check in process.  Told me to fill up passed 30 ml line.  That's it.  I heard stories of emptying pockets, not flushing toilet, not using sink, etc. Nothing.  So I proceed into the bathroom, locked the damn door, and it was my time to shine.  Quick fix seemed actually a little too warm but I guess better too warm then too cool.
    I started shaking from nervousness, and poured my Quick Fix into the cup.  I used the 2oz bottle which was actually was more than enough for me, but had I known better I probably would of ordered the 3oz bottle just to be safe.  Took a pee to simulate the real thing, flushed and came out.  Guy checked off temperature reading and said I was all set.
    This happened Thursday 6/6/2013 and I am still awaiting lab results.  I really hope this works because it is for a job that a friend of mine got me.  A single flaw could jeopardize both mine and his reputation. Really hope this works and I will update after I get results back.  Hope my story helps ease someone else's mind, cause I'm freaking out still.

  2. Still haven't heard back.  Anyone know any information on Labcorp tests?
  3. Any news yet on the test??  Hoping the best for you and everyone else.
  4. You did good sounds like my first time using the product...shaking and all. The dude who tested me on my first time asked if I needed a prescription for Viagra because I took a while to pee, Im  21 and he was a old was fucking strange. What actually happened was that I filled the sample cup with quickfix but then got so nervous I couldn't piss and stayed in there for like a long ass time thinking I had to put something in the toilet. I eventually got a few drops out of myself. you may chill dude, I will bet you a fucking 25 cents your results come back cleaner than if a nun had pissed for ya.
  5. Be patient bud ive passed tests with quickfix too the stuff is great, I bet you'll hear in a few days you're good!

    Peace out
  6. Update: 3 years later, I have used Quick Fix multiple times, and it was worked wonders. Best of luck everyone, and in quick fix I trust
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