Labcorp Drug Test?

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  1. On Friday i took a urine drug test for pre employment. i had stopped smoking 22 days before that and am very skinny, only about 100 pounds with a fast metabolism. I wasn't purposefully detoxing, but i did exercise regularly. Should i be clear? and will Labcorp send me the results if i'm positive or would they tell my employer first?
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    Hard to say. Quality of what you smoked can play a part in that. High quality smoke can take longer. Always best to use a home test kit before hand to see where you stand. And I haven't tested at labcorp in many years but if positive I don't think you'll hear anything

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  3. Come on darling there are at home test kits to be had. Why go in blind and worry? Also then, if come test day you are still testing hot you can have yourself all set up and practiced using synthetic or a friends piss.
    So you physically went to Labcorp or that is where you test was sent. Usually, places like Quest and larger testing facilities only know you by a number. If this possible employer is paying for the test they are who it will be reported to.
    Hope it works out...when I was not smoking primo weed everyday I cleaned up in 2 weeks. The last time I bothered to do a cleaning regimen it took 17 days I think. Now I don't bother and just use a good friends piss.
  4. it's been six days since my test. If i was sent directly to Labcorp from the employer and gave them the drug screen form, will they call me if i'm positive?

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