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LabCorp Drug Test Question/Sub Story

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by token-Slex, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!
    So I just got back not too long ago from taking a LabCorp urine test. Since I was notified on notice that was way too short to detox (I smoke a lot lol) I decided my best bet was to sub. I had a friend of mine who hasn't smoked in years meet me at a grocery store across the street from the LabCorp office and she filled a sandwich bag for me. I stuck the bag in the spandex shorts I was wearing (to hide it and keep it warm) and since I was wearing a dress over that you couldn't see any bulge. I took the two min drive to the office signed in and sat down. They took two people ahead of me but I wasn't waiting for more than 10-15mins tops.

    After getting my ID back and locking my purse in a box, I got taken back to a little exam room with a bathroom attached. The tech filled out the company I was getting tested for in a computer and had me wash my hands. I grabbed a cup in a bag from a drawer and she opened it. I was told I had 5 mins to give as much of a sample as I could but at least passing the temp strip line at the bottom. So I went into the bathroom and locked te door. No sink just a mirror and toilet but the water in the toilet wasn't dyed blue at my location (I was expecting it from other posts.) Anyway I sat down and peed myself while I dumped my friend's pee into the cup (about half full.) I threw a little of her pee into the toilet for good measure, stuffed the bag into my spandex and walked out. She had me set the cup on the counter and wash my hands again. I watched her look at the cup, then she slammed her hand on the lid (I'm assuming to make sure it was closed) and then had me start signing papers. After I signed the first sheet she pulled a sticker (off the paper maybe but I'm not sure) and stuck it over the lid and down the side of the cup. I signed one more paper then had to initial and date the sticker. After that I was free to go.

    The thing I'm worried about is there was a big "+" on the sticker. The tech didn't say anything to me about the temp (which I'm pretty sure had to be in range) or anything else for that matter. Does this sound like a good sign? Have y'all ever gotten that sticker? When do y'all think I'll know my results? Anyway I hope my experience helps anyone needing to sub!
  2. If the tech put the x on the sticker it was probably her initials. The strip was a seal to show if the cup had been tampered with after it was logged in.

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