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.... lab test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by b-legit, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. well what a bday present i just found out i have to take a marijuana lab test for a job in 9 days anyone got any methods or detox's i could buy that work for the vaporized piss tests
  2. hm im not sure if this works but alot of people say, drink as much water as possible, lots and lots of water, ive hurd exercising alot works, but who knows if those work, um go to and go to their sponsored links cuz theyve got a couple site there that im sure can help you, if you cant find those links pm me and ill pm you back with some good sites
  3. Just start drinking water like its going out of style,also my girlfriend has passed 2 drug tests at 2 different hospitals using the "Rescue" brand detox drinks. Its like 40 bucks for 32 oz,or 40 bucks for 17 oz with double the juice i guess. Both worked..
  4. I drank water and a whole half gallon of cranberry juice. DON'T SMOKE or be anywhere near weed...(obviously). Just eat healthy and drink water and cranberry juice and after about 5 days you should be able to pass a test. :)

    PS. You don't need to use a detox drink/kit. Water/cranberry juice/healthy foods will be all you'll need. You only would need detox if the test was like in 3 days. 9 days is a good long time to help the THC clear (mostly) through your system.
  5. if your unsure go buy a couple different detox drinks and you should be good, but if you do buy the drinks, still drink lots of water
  6. working out also decreases your chances of getting caught
  7. Also @ the GNC or wherever you get supplements, buy some Goldseal Root capsules, they'll help detox you.
  8. drinking lots of water doesn't necessarily work, as thc is stored in fat cells, not something that can just be 'refreshed' with water. the water only acts to dilute the pee itself, which can be helpful, but some places test for this and will make you retake it.

    the only thing you can do is exercise to burn off the thc containing fat cells, and stay hydrated (but no need to overdo it)
  9. Niacin (500) mg daily, and three cups Yogi detox tea/day/excercise the first 3 days, inexpensive and effective, passed a lab test after 6 months smoking. and two weeks getting 'clean.' Drink alot of water and one cup of tea in between a half gallon, then chug more and you will be good. Worked for me and Im 6'5 250, so yeah.:)
  10. Start looking for a new job.

    Seriously, you'll have your bases covered if you do lose your job, and hopefully you can find an employer that wont violate you right to privacy.

    Best of luck with that.
  11. look in apprentice tokers for the "how to pass a DT" thread theres lots of good info there...
  12. Do the niacin. Work out but not the day of the test. The Niacin treatment will give you a red sunburnt look and you will be on fire for about am hour. Drink lots of water and work out. Eat healthy and all too

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