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Lab Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by colliebuds, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I need a way to pass a lab drug test in 3 days. im really want to smoke today and my test is on tuesday they are taking it to a lab. I am 264 lbs and im 5'11 1/4" im fuckin fat. please answer and if u say by working out how much do i need to work out to b sure thanks.
  2. Do not work out! In fact, be as lazy as possible, eat as much as you can (not literally), and drink lots of liquid.

    If you were to work out, you would be releasing new waves of stored THC residue into you're bloodstream. The time for working out would be at least a full week before you're test.

    Actually, I think you're screwed. I just don't think three days is enough, especially for a person with a lot of fat (no offense intended), since THC residue is stored in fat.

    Maybe you could fake the flu? With so much Swine Flu hype, it could earn you an extra week, which would greatly improve your chances.

    Good Luck to you, and resist the urge.
  3. people say working out gets it out of your system tho
  4. what if its just a little bit of bud that i smoke
  5. dude if you wanna pass, dont smoke.

    if you want to fail, smoke.

    if you want to get clean in 3 days, you better be drinking like 5 gallons of water a day and running 24/7.
  6. agreed :hello:
  7. I have been researching about passing drug tests and here is my advice:
    1. Since you are overweight the thc will take longer to get out of your fat since u have more than usual (no offense intended)
    2. Drinking water days before the test does absolutely nothing since thc is not water soluble and u could perhaps be stopping it from going out your urine
    3. Working out is only encouraged 72 hours before the test since when u work out the fat is burned and the thc is released onto your blood stream so it can be cleansed out of the body
    4. Drinking water like a mad men is only if u plan to dilute your urine which is one of your best bets, what you have to do is drink a LOT of water the morning of the test until your peeing about 3 times an hour and its always clear, then you take two B vitamins about an hour and a half before the test since B vitamins make your urine yellow and you should be good
    5. The easiest way would be to get a buddy of yours to pee onto a condom or ziploc bag and you will have to keep it near your sack for it to stay warm and once you go in the bathroom just open it and pour it in.. It is preferable if you actually do piss since if they're listening to you they can hear the piss hitting the toilet water
    Glad I could help

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