LA Traffic

Discussion in 'General' started by inkielee, May 10, 2011.

  1. ..can blow me :devious:. If everyone would stop driving so close to the person in front of them and stop driving 40mph on the freeway then I don't know....maybe we would get to our destination faster without wanting to go on a shooting rampage?

    That's my rant for the day. Now it's time to smoke away my aggravation :smoke:.

    How are all of ya'll doin?
  2. I feel your pain, it's like every turn somebody crashes or it slows down. Socal traffic is bad, 405 :(
  3. the 10 freeway heading east.... holy fuck!!!
  4. Tell me about it. I was so pissed. Everyone slowed down bc someone was pulled over on the OTHER side of the freeway. Really? It's not like the cops are gonna fly over the highway to pull you over if you're speeding...they're busy with the person they pulled over! Gah *bangs head against wall*
  5. LA...six-lane highways with bumper-to-bumper traffic, never seen anything else like it.
  6. Houston traffic isnt much better.
  7. I hit traffic on the 405 at 10PM the other night because the whole damn thing is blocked for construction. Ugggggh
  8. I hate driving to LA!!! Fuck the 60 freeway! I had to drive to Burbank twice last week and that sucked ass being in traffic in rush hour. I used to go to school in LA so I was pretty used to driving in traffic in downtown for a while but I never got used to how packed it gets on Santa Monica blvd it's scary. Or trying to get anywhere on the freeway when there is a laker game going on that night fuuuucccckk my life.
  9. chicago traffic is just as bad :devious:. i just smoke my one hitter and chill the fuck out lol :eek:

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