LA Times says price of legalizing pot is too high

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  1. "Finally, legalizing marijuana would in no way ensure that the most vicious drug-related problems -- violence, economic-related crime, street gang activity -- would disappear. Most of those problems stem from the cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine markets. Marijuana's share of the black market is modest (the cocaine market is three times larger), and the money that is spent on the drug is spread over so many users and distributors that few are working with amounts that motivate or encourage high levels of crime."


    "An honest debate on marijuana policy also carefully considers the costs of our current approach. Arrest rates for marijuana are relatively high, reaching about 800,000 last year. Though these numbers are technically recorded under the category of "possession," the story that is seldom told is that hardly any of these possession arrests result in jail time (that is why former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made headlines when he aggressively arrested public marijuana users and detained them for 12 to 24 hours in the 1990s)."

    ok...what the they are saying that it would cost more...well lets see here, 800,000 people off the hook, more than half of which are in the prison system sucking up tax funds like its NO tomarrow. then we all know that there is more crime created off of other drugs correct? well the DEA rather spend more time on cannabis, because everyone does it, and they look better because they busted a pound of bud then 1g of coke.


    yeah, you want to relate this to alcohol or tobacco? can you OD on it what so ever? No. so get your damn facts together L.A. times....before you slang more of your properganda BULLSHIT( :bongin: gotta chill)
  2. That article is riddled with bullshit "facts". I think that the igonrance surrounding pot is the one thing that keeps it from legalization. If people really knew the facts about weed, they would be suprised that it was ever made illegal in the first place. Its people like this that feed ignorance into our socitey and it really makes me sick.
  3. It's stupid fucking Kevin Sabet who wrote this article.
  4. To sum it up they claim they are protecting society.

    Even when they downplay how many users and distributors go to jail, they forget the fact that those drug offenders aren't harming anyone. There is no victim, not even society. Society is harmed tyranny and oppression and the sort, not by people getting through life under the pressure of Uncle Sam's thumb.

  5. eternal blitz, you got me. I was gonna call troll and spank you out of this thread, but I caught onto you!

    ahh, anyway
    "Kevin A. Sabet worked at the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Clinton and Bush administrations. He is currently a consultant in private practice."
    Written by a guy who worked for the office that created and maintained failed drug policies!
    Thanks for the laugh :smoke:
  6. Oh Im no troll, I love weed, Im just posting the news :gc_rocks:

    Good or bad, you always have to watch the other point of view so you can create counterarguments. This article is bullshit, and I cant believe the LA Times would print these "Anslinger" like arguments. Since when was coke bigger than pot too? Maybe Im just misinformed. Ive always thought pot was the most popular recreational illegal drug except during the prohibition of alcohol... :smoking:
  7. Don't you hate it when "they" write a bs article full of lies and there's no way to post a comment on it?!! :mad:

    ..also isn't it ironic that in the bottom-right corner there's a link to "Mexico under siege - the drug war at our doorstep"?

    How can Mr. Sabet claim that legalization will be too expensive when the prohibition is causing 6,000 deaths a year that legalization will end? Too expensive for who, Mr. Sabet?
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    I hate how there's no comment section and it says 'opinion' in very small text above the article title.
    I wonder how much money kevin sabet is getting payed to write all these false facts and assumptions. All so he can buy a big house and a nice car? And then we, the general america, has to suffer for his greed. America is far from free.
  9. oh damn kevin sabet. that dude really knows what hes talking about. That article just completely changed my opinion on the whole drug war. death penalty to those who smoke the devils grass!
  10. I can't believe that article appeared in a public newspaper. Where are the sources of that information? Calling MJ bad....hahahaha
  11. "What is rarely discussed, however, is that the likely increase in marijuana prevalence resulting from legalization would probably increase the already high costs of marijuana use in society. Accidents would increase, healthcare costs would rise and productivity would suffer. Legal alcohol serves as a good example"

    NO IT DOESN'T YOU DUMB FUCK! Goddamn I hate that argument, "look at the legal drugs we have now, look at how much damage they do! That's why we can't legalize marijuana". Marijuana is a completely different substance from alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol is proven to seriously inhibit driving ability, marijuana is not. Tobacco is proven to cause lung cancer, marijuana is not. Both Alcohol and Tobacco cause deaths, marijuana does not. Marijuana has been and currently is being prescribed as medicine, not tobacco and alcohol.

    The kicker is stupid people out there read this shit and think "Oh mah gawd he's right!" without taking a minute to examine the nature of the substances and the different health effects they have... Goddamn! :mad:
  12. heheh. funny article,

    but there are 3 articles, (all in the opinion section, which explains to me why there are very little sources, especially in Sabet's piece). Brian O'Dea wrote one too! O'Dea's Article(cant say i read his book yet though)

    So, we have an opinion from:
    Sabet who worked inside to enforce these drug policies. is not for legalization.
    Marie Myung-Ok Lee a Brown univsity professor and writer, is for legalization.
    O'Dea who has smuggled drugs in the past, served time, and is a writer, is for legalization.

    Times tried to keep it well rounded. Sabet's article is mostly lies of the gov.
  13. Just what I love, opinions in my newspaper.

    oh wait
  14. "What is rarely discussed, however, is that the likely increase in marijuana prevalence resulting from legalization would probably increase the already high costs of marijuana use in society. Accidents would increase, healthcare costs would rise and productivity would suffer. Legal alcohol serves as a good example: The $8 billion in tax revenue generated from that widely used drug does little to offset the nearly $200 billion in social costs attributed to its use."

    lol this one paragraph proves how retarded the author is.
  15. meh it's not articles like these that give weed a bad name, it the fact that they're in our elementary schools. Anyone else remember the DARE program? People have the idea ingrained from childhood and not everyone cares enough to find out any more about the subject. This is one of the main reasons you don't pass judgement without knowing about it first.

    Whatever, I'm just a pothead who wants it legal so I can smoke all I want. Oh wait, i can already do that. I wonder if the government really thought it through, they'd realize that if they legalised it they'd steal the market from the dealers.
  16. Mate, i feel your frustration. It's almot like agueing with a machine that is programmed to only give one of five standard responses.
  17. If you check the bottom of the article you'll realize why the article is filled with reefer madness. Kevin was on the payroll of the ONDCP during the Clinton and Bush years, he's not going to put an industry he worked in for over a decade out of business by admitting to the benefits of legalization.

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