La Isla del Encanto

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  1. Another short absence from the forum and I return to find the tree shaken and everything changed up in no small manner. Stepping into my first thread of the night felt sort of like waking up for the first time in a hotel room of a distant city, sort of knowing you're in the right place but nothing looks like it should.

    Speaking, as I have, of absences, hotels, and far off cities, my currently very high :smoking: flying ass just returned from a week in Puerto Rico.

    And it was amazing. I mean that in the least cliche "I just returned from a vacation and it was the best ever" way. From the perspective of someone who's lived on three continents and visited twenty six countries, the island of enchantment genuinely lives up to its name. In less than a week, it has earned itself a place in my heart and has joined the very short list of locations that I seriously intend on one day calling home - flanked on either side by Colorado and Spain.

    Strangely enough, before the trip I did not encounter one person who had good things to say about their stay there. Seriously, between about 7 or 8 unrelated individuals, there were never ending comments on how dirty the city was, the traffic, the places inherent boredom, nothing good to do, etc...

    Anyone on here have a horrible Puerto Rican experience?
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    Welcome back mayne.

    I stayed in a nice Puerto Rican hotel for a night before boarding a cruise the next morning. We didn't stray far for dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning... It was interesting, it wasn't a short walk from the nicer part of town where we were to a less-than-nice part of town... Didn't explore that much though. Glad you had fun.

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