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LA County medical mj issues to come

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Toke N' Choke, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. Just got approved. We're fucked. So many places I love will close, no more hashbars or smoking lounges. They have to close at 8pm. What the fuck? Now I have to get my meds prior to, no more late night out drinking and happening to need some bud...I can't get it. This better not fuck over the grant program Oaksterdam is supposed to do for me through this collective down here. Fuckin lame. Talk about bullshit..Almost every place I went to had a lounge, now the selection and quality will be sparse. Competition will go down and prices will spike probably slightly. At least they dropped the amount you can possess and cultivate, I'll be growing like crazy soon.

    "In a 9-3 vote, the Los Angeles City Council today gave its final approval to an ordinance that will shut down hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries and impose strict rules on the location and operation of the dispensaries that are allowed.

    The measure passed quickly, without debate.

    The ordinance, which the council first began discussing more than 4 1/2 years ago, will cap the number of dispensaries at 70 but make an exception to allow all those that registered with the city in 2007 and have remained open. City officials believe that number is around 150.

    Hundreds of dispensaries have opened in Los Angeles as the City Council debated its proposed ordinance and failed to enforce a moratorium on new dispensaries. City officials believe there are more than 500 that will be required to close under the ordinance, but some are already preparing to sue the city and collect signatures to force a referendum on the ordinance.

    The ordinance also requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from other dispensaries and so-called sensitive uses, such as schools, parks and libraries. Among other restrictions, dispensaries will be required to close at 8 p.m. and will not be permitted to allow marijuana use at the stores.

    The ordinance will not take effect until after Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs it and the City Council approves the fees that dispensaries will have to pay to cover the city's cost of monitoring. City officials are studying those costs and expect to propose the fees soon.

    Once the ordinance is in place, the city attorney's office will send letters to affected landlords and dispensary operators telling them that they must close immediately. If the dispensaries remain open, the city attorney's office likely will take them to court."
  2. Time to grow like a mofo
  3. It will take quite a while for this to all filter out - your best bet would be to go to as many clubs as you can while you can to find the one that's right for you - that will hopefully be around after the purge.

    THough I gotta say, I'm still not convinced there will be a purge. Once it starts it's hard to curtail an explosion like this. They won't get everyone that's for sure.

    Plus I believe that the legislation will be challenged in court and struck down before it's enacted.
  4. WTF is this shit?!
  5. I sure hope WildWill is right
  6. I can't even begin to describe on how much I can relate with you on the late night drinking and picked up.

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