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la confidential?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thekiller, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. I have a connect in la and was wondering if you could get any sativa or sativa dom hybrid what would it be? I asked for headband or blueberry headband and the guy said there is blueberry, headband, and the cross but they are crap, og kush is the best. So I think that is just what he wants to sell me but should I just get the og or is there another strain that won't put me to sleep and won't interfere with my decision making(poker)?
  2. I would ask him for some legit Trainwreck. Best Sativa I've had to date!
  3. I had tw before and it was good but don't like anything with big bud in it. Does chemdawg put you to sleep or interfere with judgement? Og kush,maui wowie or sour diesel maybe? Small batch sd? I think tw would be good for a concert or something like that. What about la conf does that make you sleepy? Purple kush?
  4. ok you mentioned sour diesel. For sure get that out of those.
  5. The guy said he was in hollywood so I guess sd or maui wowie is a good bet but sd in a small batch would be great but I think a bubba kush or super lemon haze would always be from a small batch and always aaa. But yeah if its aaa sour for sure.
  6. Man I've smoked all kinds of strains and can rarely discern a noticeable difference in highs. Smoke a lot, you'll get tired coming down. No matter the strain, Indica or Sativa dom., I've found that to be the case.

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