La Blanca

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  1. Huge props vibe......nice job for sure!


  2. Thanks brother ! much love.:smoke:
  3. more pics i dont believe this happened
  4. You don't have to believe anything ! no one is forcing you buddy
  5. i believe it! la blanca is called la "blanca" for a reason. this biotch is white with fat sugary buds. it is a great white shark x snow white cross which was intended to get back to the roots of the white family genetics. a very cool strain, shows sativa-like characteristics in veg and early flowering, then the buds explode! the booming frosted calyxes and smell on this one remind me of other widow i have experienced. kudos to kannabia seeds for another success.
  6. that looks like the promo pic haha. like the one on seedbank. do you got a whole plant pic? i was joking about not believing ive just never seen kannabia grow other than african queen.
  7. a beauty. to say the least
  8. i got la blanca as a freebie from attitude about a year ago. i must say that i didnt know what i had at the time but she was a very special lady. the smell both fresh in the garden and fully ripened and cured was absolutely hypnotic. she was dusty white literally like someone rolled the colas in baby powder. pretty decent yield considering it WAS MY FIRST GROW. 20g from the one free seed. if i had known how sweet she was i would have cloned her. but dude your main cola looks bigger that mine was, much props(could you tell me what system you use?). anyways you got something special enjoy it to the fullest
  9. also i visit this site often needing advice but i only joined like 3 days ago
  10. im going to be chopping my la blanca in about 10 days probably. she is looking great, as always. grown in roots organic with fox farm nutrients added.

    kannabia seeds states that this strain responds well to low nutrient levels. i dont know about this, because im feeding 1100 ppm of the fox farm trio in roots organic soil, and it is eating that shit up! im pretty sure this is just s beastly white widow strain. reminds me of nirvana white widow, except it seems to show more sativa-like growing patterns. either way, worked out great in a screen. if youre talking kannabia, youre talking big frosty nugs.

    the kannabia special from this company is also a must have if you like awesome ganja plants. i cannot say enough good things about this company. will try to post pics of buds after dried and cured.
  11. pics of ur la blanca?
  12. chopped la blanca yesterday. awesome, awesome plant. probably some of the prettiest buds ive ever seen. the smell on this bud is nothing short of amazing. if i described the smell it would sound terrible. i mean, this stuff is pungent. this is a must have, will give some pics and a smoke report when it is fully cured.

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