L30" x H5'6" x W1'9" Homemade Grow Box Finally done!!(Including many pictures)

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  1. *---SETUP (GROW BOX) -
    --Box Size
    -L30" x H5'6" x W1'9"
    1.-3 Hole Bubbleponic Hydroponic system, including a Drip tip system
    2.-Lightwave Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture
    3.-1000w Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb High Pressure Sodium(I DONT USE THIS LIGHT I JUST HAVE IT)
    4.-(2)18" 15w CLF Grow lights
    5.-General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit - Organic Fertilizer (advanced Nutrients 8 bottles) -
    6.-4"Inline Fan
    7.-4"x25'Premium High Grade Air Duct Ducting
    8.-Highly Reflective Mylar Film 4 ft x 25 ft
    9.-Jensen Super Quiet Clip-On Fan, 6"
    10.-Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Humidity Meter
    11.-Brinks 24Hour daily Repeating timer
    12.-Spray bottle
    13.-Air pump
    14.-(6)Plant Nets
    15.-Breathing pebbles
    16.-(6)Plant sponges
    18.-adjustable rope
    19.200w CFL Grow light
    20.(20)Gallons of water
    21.-Co2 System-$50-$150
    22.-PH TEST
    23.-curing rack
    24.-curing jars
    25.-Carbon Fiber Air Filter
    26.Water pump
    (OLD PICS)
    (NEW PICS)

    What do you guys think?
  2. Crank it up and go! Oh, what strain(s) you gonna run?
  3. white widow and grape fruit kush

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