L30" x H5'6" x W1'9" Homemade Grow Box Finally done!!(Including many picture)

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  1. *---SETUP (GROW BOX) -
    --Box Size
    -L30" x H5'6" x W1'9"
    1.-3 Hole Bubbleponic Hydroponic system, including a Drip tip system
    2.-Lightwave Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture
    3.-1000w Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb High Pressure Sodium(I DONT USE THIS LIGHT I JUST HAVE IT)
    4.-(2)18" 15w CLF Grow lights
    5.-General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit - Organic Fertilizer (advanced Nutrients 8 bottles) -
    6.-4"Inline Fan
    7.-4"x25'Premium High Grade Air Duct Ducting
    8.-Highly Reflective Mylar Film 4 ft x 25 ft
    9.-Super Quiet Clip-On Fan, 6"
    10.-Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Humidity Meter
    11.-Brinks 24Hour daily Repeating timer
    12.-Spray bottle
    13.-Air pump
    14.-(6)Plant Nets
    15.-Breathing pebbles
    16.-(6)Plant sponges
    18.-adjustable rope
    19.200w CFL Grow light
    20.(20)Gallons of water
    21.-Co2 System-$50-$150
    22.-PH TEST
    23.-curing rack
    24.-curing jars
    25.-Carbon Fiber Air Filter
    26.Water pump
    (OLD PICS)
    (NEW PIC)
    (NEW PICS!!)[​IMG]

    What do you guys think?
  2. Looks nice!

    Although, ditch any CO2 idea you ever had. Your system isn't sealed, and you don't need it anyways.

    I don't know which PH 'test' you have, but if you're using the one in the bottle, I'd suggest going out and purchasing a 20 dollar PH pen. PH in hydroponics is like a condom is to safe sex; required.

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