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l think its deliberate

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by critter 11, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. mrs critter puts towels, colourereds and whites in the wash all together.

    l think its deliberate so l won,t let her wash the laundry.??

    Ya reckon since shes 48 yrs old she would have learnt ,or is it delibarate ???

    just a drunken thought,lol.
  2. lol....

    my sis did me a favor to wash my towel, and she put clorax.. use to be white, and dark baise, now is white, and light yellowing or something that looks fem
  3. Thanks mate .l needed that :D
  4. man, you whining about pink undies? Glad to see the aussies are drinkin too.[​IMG] I cant believe this shit is legal and our sweet smooth erb isnt. thats soooooo messed up![​IMG]

    Maybe thats just her way of getting out of doing the laundry?[​IMG]

    could be ,lol.

  5. pink undies.......lmao, i agree , she could just hate doing laundry
  6. Hahahah critter.. She may just be letting you know that she doesn't want to wash clothes at all... The wife usually does the same type of thing when it's something she has to do when she doesn't want to..
  7. Right on! Thanks for the tricky smillies! much appreciated!
  8. I get that stuff done - mostly. If I get behind and they don't like it they can help all they want.
    Sometimes when I need the car worked on I go out and start diggin' around under the hood. Of course he'll have to come 'take over', I am just a girl you know!!;)
  9. critter me mate, it could be deliberate.....
    im going to let you in on a little secret.
    i do several things to my husbands laundry when im mad at him......
    1. wash all his dark colored shirts with fluffy towels, this equils really yucky loocking fluff and debris on all of his shirts.
    2. i will purposfully dry his shirts (by accident) muhaha this shrinks them.
    3. if its a nice day i will hang his and his only undergarments on the line, i will stretch them out use 3 close pins soo there not only seen but scratchy....and pretend like i did it with everyones.
    soooo......ya just mighta ticked off your gal hun.

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